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My Flatmates



Obus’ new regime – My Flatmates

With the new head of house in charge of Frank’s apartment, Willy Willy has been rendered helpless and stranded.
Obus’ new regime – My Flatmates Image : 11827


Small chops and big wahala – My Flatmates Image : 15239
Dan versus Helen– My Flatmates Image : 15191
Dan versus Helen– My FlatmatesThanks to the timely intervention of Chief Donatus, the quarrel between Dan and Helen didn't escalate into something worse.
Frank fears Mimi – My Flatmates Image : 15166
Frank fears Mimi – My FlatmatesAll isn't well with Frank and Mimi's relationship. He has started avoiding her calls and the rest of the flatmates now know.
Jite is lost in the sauce – My Flatmates Image : 15118
Jite is lost in the sauce – My FlatmatesAfter making a delicious meal for him, Jite seems completely lost in Tejiri's sauce and he is going out of his way to show it.
Donatus brokers peace – My FlatmatesWhile Titus and Prosper thinks something fishy is going down, turns out Chief Donatus is only trying to broker peace between Helen and Tiwa.
Titus behind bars – My Flatmates Image : 15036
Titus behind bars – My FlatmatesIn an altercation with Bros Nduka, Titus leaves the house to stay in a hotel, where he is arrested.
Donatus is power drunk – My Flatmates Image : 15012
Donatus is power drunk – My FlatmatesAfter paying the bulk of the rent, Chief Donatus has become drunk with power and the other flatmates are bearing the brunt as he plans to kick the out.
Frank is back – My Flatmates Image : 14983
Frank is back – My FlatmatesFrank returns to the same problems and the same quarrelsome flatmates after being gone for such a long time.
Obus and Chief hatch a new plot – My Flatmates Image : 14939
Obus and Chief hatch a new plot – My FlatmatesIt seems that Obus and Chief are bent on getting one over Mimi, so they have devised a plot that will make her unemployable.
The biggest spender – My Flatmates Image : 14924
The biggest spender – My FlatmatesIt's a showdown between Titus and Prosper as they are determined to show who spends the most on their girlfriends.
Looking for a breakthrough and a loan – My Flatmates Image : 14851
Looking for a breakthrough and a loan – My FlatmatesTitus may not be able to fast for his breakthrough, but he can conquer a king-size meal. Meanwhile, Chief and Obus are looking for a loan.
Mimi pays the rent – My Flatmates Image : 14819
Mimi pays the rent – My FlatmatesHonourable braces up to kiss Mimi's butt after finding out she paid the rent.
Fighting over leftovers  – My Flatmates Image : 14813
Fighting over leftovers – My FlatmatesA showdown is brewing as Tiwa is set to fight her friend for moving in on her man.
Titus the gist buddy – My Flatmates Image : 14765
Titus the gist buddy – My FlatmatesTitus has more services to offer, and this time he is offering to be a gist partner to a lonely heart.
The wedding invitation – My Flatmates Image : 14754
The wedding invitation – My FlatmatesTo get back at Mimi, Buchi and Mimi decide to pull a fast one on her by printing wedding invitation cards of her boyfriend getting married to another woman.
Titus the general merchandise – My Flatmates Image : 14742
Titus the general merchandise – My FlatmatesTitus finally reveals everything he does in Aba that made him sort of an urban legend.
Obus returns – My Flatmates Image : 14724
Obus returns – My FlatmatesAfter haggling with a taxi driver bent on driving him mad with exorbitant charges, Obus walks into Prosper and Titus ransacking his luggage. He then proceeds to threaten them with fire and brimstones.
Flat in commotion – My Flatmates Image : 14700
Flat in commotion – My FlatmatesProsper is upset with Mimi while Mimi is upset with Chief, who is trying to evict her from the flat.
Mimi clears Donatus – My Flatmates Image : 14697
Mimi clears Donatus – My FlatmatesMimi certainly won't let anyone walk over her and lets Donatus know all about her exploits.
Breakfast in bed – My Flatmates Image : 14683
Breakfast in bed – My FlatmatesBros Nduka decides to spice up the romance by making his wife breakfast in bed and treating her to a fantastic morning. Titus and Prosper are convinced something is amiss.
Willie suffers rejection – My Flatmates Image : 14670
Willie suffers rejection – My FlatmatesWillie has been an emotional wreck since his marriage proposal got rejected by the love of his life and the rest of the Flatmates can't seem to get him out of the funk.
Jite and the woman of the night – My Flatmates Image : 14643
Jite and the woman of the night – My FlatmatesJite may have bitten off more than he can chew when his new female friend brings with her more drama than he can handle.
Baba Landlord ruins Chief's business – My Flatmates Image : 14624
Baba Landlord ruins Chief's business – My FlatmatesObus' old friend Femi, who also happens to be Baba Landlord's son in law decides to pull out of his agreement with Chief after Baba Landlord warms him about the man's lack of luck in everything
Proper and Titus have gone mad! – My Flatmates Image : 14618
Proper and Titus have gone mad! – My FlatmatesDan's rather strange reaction to Mimi being home alone has Titus and Proper assuming that he wanted to stab Frank in the back by courting Mimi.
Small chops and big wahala – My Flatmates