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Five qualities that make Naija new school acts – Music Buzz

02 March 2022
All the qualities of Naija artists that endear them to fans.
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When it comes to creating amazing music, Naija artists seem to have this in the bag. From topping music charts in numerous countries to headlining sold-out concerts in arenas far from home, Naija artists have proven over and over again that they’ve got this. Now the question is what goes into creating great Naija artists. How do they create that identity that resonates with their fans? What qualities make them stand out?

A lot more than you’d think.

The new school of Naija artists are constantly showcasing unique personas and exhibiting certain qualities that endear them to their fans. The crew at Music Buzz beamed the spotlight on some of these qualities. Let's take a look.

Street rep

From creating street slang and musical content that appeals to their respective hoods, these artists have been able to garner respect and adoration by staying true to their roots and also proving that you can take them out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of them. They are truly about this life. Even though a few of them have gotten into trouble, their street rep just seems to soar with every misdemeanour. Hate them or love them, it doesn’t matter, their true fans love them and that’s all that matters.

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Fire Dance Moves

From MJ to Chris Brown, musical icons have always endeared themselves to fans with their cool dance moves. The same goes for Naija acts who have created fire dance moves that have taken over dance floors and also social media platforms. Naira Marley has made it a thing to release a new dance move with every new track and the fans completely eat it up. Almost immediately the dance always goes viral.

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Savage Vibes

Ever since the gap between artists and fans started getting blurred thanks to social media, the artists have had to deal with vile comments and trolls. Most times these trolls got away with it especially because no one expects the artist to respond with the same energy. Guess it’s about having a brand to protect and artists generally regarded as being above petty social media battles. Yeah right! It’s savage out there now! Say the wrong thing and you will get a clap back. Gone are the days when artists have to be polite and let fans get away with saying anything. Turns out the more savage these artists are the more adoring fans they get. Something about how they keep it real by coming for anyone who comes for them just does the magic. Mama ain’t raised no fool.

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College degree

Always nice to know artists you look up to have a sound academic background. It is easy to identify with them especially when you know they share the same educational background as you. The best part is that thanks to their education, they have attained a certain level of consciousness and business acumen.

Social activism

Music has always been used as a voice for the oppressed and it doesn’t just end there, the artists carry on speaking for the people and a cause beyond using music. Naija music artists are no strangers to activism. Artists such as Fela have always been representative of the people and have drawn attention to social ills. In recent times, there has been an upsurge in the number of Naija artists who are actively involved in social activism, endearing them to their fans even more.

There are quite a few other qualities that endear artists to their fans, and shoutout to the Music Buzz crew for consistently talking about this aspect of Naija artists. Watch them every Wednesday on AM Urban at 21:00 as they discuss everything that makes the stars so unique and cool.makes the stars so unique and cool.