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Masquerades Of Aniedo

151Drama16 L
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Urenna Nwokoye

Intelligent, driven, and highly industrious, Urenna is the sole individual in the village attempting to modernize with the changing times. She manages a POS cashback business and aspires to become a Bank Manager in Nsukka. Known for her Type A personality, which allows her to achieve her goals and earn admiration from the community, Urenna longs to be special to a specific person, Nkem. Despite Nkem's claim of affection, he struggles with the one thing Urenna desires most—a family of her own. Amidst these personal struggles, Abaeze enters the picture, potentially creating a love triangle. How Urenna feels about this new development is uncertain—maybe she minds, or maybe she doesn't, given her secretive affection for romance novels.

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