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Masquerades Of Aniedo

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The masquerade murderers – MOA

28 December 2023
Haunted by the weight of their actions, Chris and Ojoma, once adamant in their denials, finally confessed to their role in the Masquerade of Aniedo's passing.
The masquerade murderers – MOA

For a while, the identities of Mazi Chukwuka's killers, the Masquerade of Aniedo, remained shrouded in mystery. Though suspicion gnawed at Ojoma, his wife, and Chris, his nephew, who'd been carrying on a forbidden affair under his own roof, both vehemently denied any involvement. Even at the sacred shrine, their lies held firm, shielded by powerful charms that blinded the spirits' perception. Even the tenacious detective, Professor Elo, convinced of their guilt, couldn't crack their facade or pin the crime on them. But, as the saying goes, justice has a way of finding its own path.

Vengeful spirits
Their escape from the spirits' wrath proved short-lived, for vengeance soon clawed at their conscience. Chris, plagued by haunting voices calling his name, met his first punishment on a market trip. A simple stumble ended in a deep cut, festering into a gruesome sore that devoured his leg and wracked him with pain. Ojoma wasn't spared either, as the same voices slithered into her mind, driving her to the brink of madness. In the end, both were drawn back to the sacred shrine, their defenses crumbling under the weight of their guilt. Only then did their lips utter the truth, revealing the gruesome details of their transgression.

The bitter revelation 
Their confessions revealed a tragic web of infidelity and rage. Ojoma admitted to their involvement in Mazi Chukwuka's death, though she insisted it wasn't a premeditated act. Fate had played a cruel hand. Mazi Chukwuka, adorned in his Masquerade garb, had returned home unexpectedly, only to find Chris and Ojoma in bed. In a fit of rage, he attacked them both. Chris, claiming self-defense, recounted shoving Mazi Chukwuka in the struggle, a fatal push that sealed his fate.

Ojoma let him die
As the Masquerade of Aniedo, Mazi Chukwuka possessed powerful charms capable of healing him from physical harm. With his faint breath, he pleaded with Ojoma to fetch the relevant charm from his room. She obeyed, retrieving it from its hiding place, but when the moment came to hand it to him, she hesitated leaving Mazi Chukwuka to succumb to his injuries.

Consumed by guilt and the agonizing pain of his festering leg, Chris stabbed himself. Ojoma, too, succumbed to the weight of her burden, her spirit giving way not long after. Both lay next to each other in death like they once did as lovers.

A grief too much for Ndubuisi
Ndubuisi, already burdened by the loss of his father, faced another layer of sorrow. Witnessing the passing of both his mother and uncle, even if it brought a resolution to the mystery surrounding his father's death, was a heavy weight to bear.

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