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The battle ground

A victorious win – Lahira Image : 16624
The hunt for a smuggler  – Lahira Image : 16569
The hunt for a smuggler – LahiraLahira finds herself in an unexpected position of privilege within the enemy's camp while the first lady fights tooth and nail to salvage her reputation which leads to the revelation and a hunt for an arms smuggler.
Hazards of the job – Lahira Image : 16430
Hazards of the job – LahiraDr. Louis struggles to deal with an overly enthusiastic secretary of the First Lady, while the General faces the difficulty of persuading Alicia to stay away from the danger zone while covering her job.
The decoy trap – Lahira Image : 16383
The decoy trap – LahiraIn a brilliant move to protect Dr. Lewis, security operatives implemented a decoy plan, causing the terrorists to fall right into their trap.
The new recruit – Lahira Image : 16347
The new recruit – LahiraThe recent invasion was just the beginning for the terrorists, who have set their sights on a new target. But with a questionable new recruit, their mission may not go according to plan.
The aftermath of the invasion – Lahira Image : 16324
The aftermath of the invasion – LahiraAs the villagers struggle to cope with their devastating losses, the insurgents continue their invasions. Meanwhile, the military is going on the offensive in an effort to quell the violence and protect the innocent.
The insurgents' invasion – Lahira Image : 16316
The insurgents' invasion – LahiraLahira's big dream of getting out of the city to pursue her career is crushed when insurgents attack her village and snatch her away
Lahira premieres on AM Showcase – AM Exclusive Image : 16306
Lahira premieres on AM Showcase – AM ExclusiveThis thrilling masterpiece follows the incredible journey of a young girl who is forced to flee her village with other girls after it is destroyed by armed men. Just when you think things can't get any worse, they are abducted by insurgents and taken to an unknown location. Will they be able to escape and find safety? You'll have to tune in to find out! Don't miss the premiere of Lahira on April 4th, exclusively on Africa Magic Showcase DStv channel 151 at 21:00 WAT.
A victorious win – Lahira

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