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A male cast member of the drama series, Iwe


At only 12 years old, Nwafor is Mgbaduga's better version. He is wise for his age and loyal to the kingdom to a fault. Nwafor, however, does not know he is not the king's son. He was found as a toddler, abandoned by the roadside, when the king took his young prince, Mgbaduga, out for a solo hunting expedition, as was the custom. 

Nwafor is the only surviving male descendant of the ruling house of Oba Ekwe, the first warrior king (Ezekoro), and a descendant of the original bloodline of Iyasare. The usurpers who took over the throne in Oba-ekwe have eliminated almost all his kin. His only living blood relative is Ojebo, Queen of Oba-Ekwe.

Strengths: He is reserved, tactful, attentive, brave, disciplined, strong-willed, skillful.

Weaknesses:  He is vindictive, vengeful, and stubborn.

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