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Eze Akuanyanugbou II

Eze Akuanyanugbou II is the 60-year-old, dark, and stout king who inherited the throne from his father, Eze Akuanyanugbou I of the Idu Amaja Kingdom. He typically wears a mean look and only smiles when he is with the prince. His primary objective is to restore the glory of Idu Amaja and conquer Oba-ekwe. Eze Akuanyanugbou II wants to reclaim the iron ore site under Oba-ekwe's control. 

Strengths: He is wise, strategic, disciplined, and cautious. He continuously calculates his moves. With him, you never know where you stand. He is unpredictable.

Weakness: He is superstitious and reads meaning to everything. He overindulges the prince and anyone he implicitly trusts. He is also very attached to his family. 



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