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Top 10 love stories of the year – #BestOf2023

30 December 2023
Love, passion, and unexpected connections – our top 10 romantic moments of the year have it all! These heartwarming stories will make you believe in the power of love.
Top 10 love stories of the year – #BestOf2023

This year on Africa Magic, Cupid worked overtime to sprinkle our shows with swoon-worthy moments and tear-jerking love stories that left us all reaching for the tissues. From playful flirtations to grand gestures, it's safe to say our shows were tailor-made for hopeless romantics and seasoned lovers alike.

As we bid farewell to an eventful year brimming with passion, let's rewind and relive the magic as we unveil the top 10 most unforgettable romantic moments that had us in our feelings.

Friday and Kaima
Friday and Kaima dared to love each other, even though they were both bound by marriages to other people. The forbidden nature of their love only fueled its intensity. Kaima, facing the threats of an abusive husband, stood resilient in her commitment to Friday. Their love had a magical quality, and we couldn't help but root for them to break free from the shackles that kept them apart.

Diseye and Koya
In a plot reminiscent of Pretty Woman, we witnessed a modern-day love story unfold between Koya, a social media influencer, and Diseye, a sex worker. Their paths collided at a resort, setting off sparks that refused to fade. Even when Koya learned about Diseye's profession, the initial shock didn't dim their passion. In fact, it only fueled their connection, leading Koya to confront Diseye's pimp in a fierce fight to protect the one he loved.

Munachi and Chizitaram
Munachi and Chizitaram defied the odds stacked against them – coming from different social classes and facing disapproval from their fathers. Munachi's ambitions and the hurdles set by Chizitaram's domineering father almost pushed her to step back. But surprisingly, their love didn't waver; it only grew stronger, forming an unbreakable bond that weathered all the challenges.

Frank and Mimi 
Frank and Mimi have kept their relationship thriving for over ten years despite occasional fights and bickering. In a grand, romantic twist of fate, they got engaged this year, marking a momentous milestone in their journey together. Frank finally introduced himself to Mimi's family, fulfilling a traditional step towards marriage. While the exact date for their wedding remains unknown, we're simply overjoyed with this significant first step they've taken.

Maje and Kate
Maje and Kate's love story goes way back to when they were just kids. They made this cute promise to stick together through thick and thin, supporting each other's big dreams, especially the academic ones. Life, being its unpredictable self, threw some crazy challenges at them, tearing them apart for a while. But guess what? They managed to find their way back to each other, and their love came back even stronger. Sure, fate threw a curveball again, but let's just focus on those sweet, romantic moments they gave us.

Ojonya and Takedat
Ojonya and Takedat's love story had its share of twists. Despite Ojonya leaving Takedat at the altar, witnessing their love spark again was truly heartwarming. From apologies to a genuine display of affection, it seemed like they might rediscover their love. However, with Ojonya heading towards marriage with someone else, our hopes were limited. We appreciated the brief romantic interlude they shared. Even though part of us wished Ojonya would choose Takedat, we were happy she followed her heart and married David.

Doris and Richard
Doris and Richard's love story had us on the edge. Just when we feared Doris might end up with the conniving Alex, who was clearly after her inheritance, Richard stepped in like a knight in shining armor. It was truly heartening to witness Doris find love with someone who cherished her for herself, not just as a walking money bag. Watching her fall for Richard, who saw her worth beyond material things, was a real feel-good moment.

Angel and Soma
Let's take a break from the fictional dramas and dive into the real deal on Big Brother Naija. The friendship that sparked between Angel and Soma on the show quickly evolved into a captivating romance. Every time the cameras rolled on those two, it was hard not to feel a bit jealous of the genuine connection they shared. Even though the show is in the rearview mirror, it's awesome to see that their love story is still going strong. In fact, it's flourishing more than ever.

Adekunle and Venita 
You could call them the ride-or-die couple. Venita and Adekunle held it down for each other and love bloomed beautifully between them. We even dared to dream of wedding bells at one point. Post-Big Brother Naija, we're not sure what the current vibe is, but we'll forever hold onto the romantic moments they gifted us.

JK and Talia
JK and Talia faced some serious odds in their love story – an overbearing and murderous father, JK's marriage to someone else – you name it. But guess what? Their love was unquenchable, and they just kept gravitating back towards each other. Witnessing them triumph over all the obstacles and finding their way back into each other's arms was the romantic spectacle we all deserved.

From unexpected connections to enduring love against all odds, each of our top 10 romantic moments of the year is a gem. Choosing a favorite is nearly impossible, but still, why don't you give it a try?