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Entertaining that August visitor with Africa Magic

07 August 2022
It’s a tough job, but you’ve got to do it.
August Visitor

All through the month, you are going to have people drop by your place (some invited... a lot uninvited) to say “hi” – and apart from treating them to tasty refreshments, it is important that you entertain them with something interesting on TV. Good thing you’ve got us, so you know you have a wide array of entertainment options.

The trick now is knowing what show your visitor will find captivating. Hey, all our shows are the bomb, but sometimes people just want things tailored to their tastes. Now your job is to be able to predict what your visitor likes. It's a tough job and that's why we are here to help with a few tips.

Playing it safe

These are for guests that are difficult to read. You just can't tell exactly what will work for them. For visitors that fall into this category, you can’t go wrong with our comedy shows. We've got My Flatmates, My Siblings and I, and The Johnsons so you are good in that aspect.

Spice it up with a bit of ‘vawulence’ and suspense

Some of your guests will probably want a show that’s 1). provocative and 2). gets the juices flowing. You really don’t want these guests falling asleep in front of the TV, when you can give them a dose of excitement and intrigue with Dilemma and Venge. Trust us, they’ll be on the edge of their seats, asking what the name of the show is, for the sixth time. Seriously who would watch Joselyn Dumas get choked on TV and not want to see what becomes of her, or better yet, how the situation got this dire?

Something for your girls

It’s a Friday night and the girls are dropping by for a sleepover. What better show to entertain them with than Unmarried. Now, this is not a sub to your single girlfriends, even though they might think it. It’s just a show that showcases the complexities of the dating world we find ourselves in; something quite relatable and we bet by the end of a few episodes, they’d see themselves in the ladies on Unmarried and pick up some tricks or two. Besides, watching them deal decisively with heartbreakers, is kind of therapeutic.

We have no doubts that if you follow these tips, you are going to have your guests beaming with joy. All our shows are available on Showmax, so hurry and subscribe so you can have the shows ready whenever your visitors drop by.

We just need to put it out there that you can't blame us if your visitors decide not to leave. That's on you. You figure that part out. Tell us how you did too.