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Adaku Okoli's fight for truth and justice – Glass House

27 April 2024
Adaku Okoli attempts to unravel the mysteries surrounding her lover's untimely death, confronting enemies both seen and unseen in her quest for truth and justice.
Adaku Okoli's fight for truth and justice – Glass House

Adaku Okoli found herself entangled in a web of love, loss, and vengeance. Fresh out of the hallowed halls of UNILAG with a degree in business administration, Adaku's future seemed bright, fueled by her passion for success and her blossoming romance with Emeka.

Shattered dreams
Their plans, however, were abruptly shattered by tragedy when Emeka fell victim to a heinous crime, leaving Adaku reeling in grief and despair. To compound her anguish, she discovered she was carrying Emeka's child, only to suffer the heartbreak of losing the baby soon after.

The quest for justice begins
But Adaku's spirit refused to be broken. Driven by a fierce determination for justice, she embarked on a perilous journey to uncover the truth behind Emeka's murder, regardless of the personal cost.

Infiltrating Chief Amadi's world
Faced with pressure from her family and the allure of Chief Amadi's wealth, Adaku made a bold decision to enter into the marriage, seeing it as a means to infiltrate Chief Amadi's inner circle and inch closer to the elusive truth about Emeka's murder.

Unraveling the web of deceit
Adaku's presence in Chief Amadi's life and company didn't go unnoticed. It actually made her a few enemies. Firstly, an employee caught red-handed siphoning the chief's funds turned against her. Then, Chief Amadi's first wife, Uju, fiercely guarded her position, determined to thwart any threat to her marital domain. Adding to the fray, Oscar, the chief's son, perceived Adaku as a rival to his inheritance and his father's vast fortune. Lastly, Ugonna, who pretended to be a friend, secretly worked against Adaku, trying to prevent her from uncovering the truth about Emeka's death.

The relentless pursuit
Adaku is up against some major challenges in her quest to uncover Emeka's killer, and her journey within Chief Amadi's company is far from easy. Will she succeed in finding the killer and achieving closure? And what about her impending marriage to Chief Amadi? Don't miss the drama unfold on Glass House, airing on Africa Magic Showcase every Thursday and Friday at 20:30 WAT.