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Twice the woman - Eve

24 September 2018
The fact is that the lines are often blurred between Eve the lawyer, and Eve the woman.
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‘E.V.E’ is a dramatic series set in Lagos, Nigeria. It follows the particular trials and tribulations of a young female lawyer (Ezinne Veronica Ezenwa, the Eve) as she tries to make her way through the prejudices faced by professional women in the typical African society, and the glass ceilings that exist in the legal profession in a society that arguably denigrates and demonizes professional women. 

In this story, Eve's path in life is influenced primarily by her peculiar circumstances in life, the prejudices of the society we live in and the nature of the profession she has chosen for herself. It is a constant struggle for her and as such she walks a thin line between perdition and salvation. The fact is that the lines are often blurred between Eve the lawyer, and Eve the woman. 

We find that at each turn of her possible triumph or damnation, something, or someone, or some voice from her past impacts on her actions and at the same time serves to touch her conscience and set her back on a path of redemption, in spite of herself and so she extends and lives to continue her struggle. Consequently, there is a subtle sense of destiny felt throughout the story, or as one would have it, the unseen hand1 .

Eve as a character is not just a woman; she is actually an embodiment of the prejudices of our society against women in general and in particular, against a woman who seeks to assert herself professionally. The legal drama is not the emphasis but presents a backdrop to have an insight into the psychosis of lawyers and to understand the complexities of human nature.

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