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Artistic grace – Jara

30 November 2018
"Everyone has a mouth, so they're entitled to their opinions. It can either stay their opinions or it can become your truth if you accept it. You decide". JP

Whomsoever disputes the notion of grace should have a proper ‘siddon’ session with this week’s esteemed guest. A man of more talents than our fingers let us tally, Jimmy Odukoya has brought on a revolution so necessary, we wouldn’t be surprised if his peers followed suit… and here’s why!

A licensed minister ordained in 2009, Jimmy’s journey seems to have always led him to the altar. Born to Minister parents in Nigeria, his interests have always revolved around the arts and the gospel. In 2002, he moved to the US and was adorned with academic accolades for his excellence and ministerial recognition for his continued contribution in local ministries and youth movements.

Having explored radical ways of ministering and the loopholes in the general status quo, Jimmy developed a unique ministerial personality and sought to synchronize unconventional work and preaching. In 2016, acting rested on his lap shaken together and running over, landing him roles in Africa Magic original series, Ajoche, and Eve.   

When asked how he shields himself from criticism, Pastor Jimmy mentioned how important it is for one to not allow themselves to be submerged in opinions because eventually, those become Facts. To each their own God-given gifts and how one uses them, is their way of giving back to the giver. “I’m just heeding my calling” and whether people agree or not, they should respect it.

With 3 solid projects in the pipeline, he’s taking things one day at a time and as long as the doors are open, JP will walk through them. Pastor you ahh current abi! Wehdon.  Missed JP's interview with Ms Helen Paul? Get the scoop down below.


Cover image: Jimmy's instagram
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