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Hajiya fights to retain her seat on the board – Dust Image : 18531
Hajiya and the schemers – Dust Image : 18490
Hajiya and the schemers – DustSurprised to find Zainab and the rest of the Dust CEOs scheming under the guise of an investment meeting, Hajiya proceeds to read them to filth while making a subtle threat.
Zainab is free – Dust Image : 18468
Zainab is free – DustAfter her awful stint in jail, Zainab has been released, much to the disappointment of Hajiya Malaika Doherty. She finds it suspicious that all the evidence to nail Zainab for good has mysteriously disappeared.
Carmen won't give up Sekibo – Dust Image : 18440
Carmen won't give up Sekibo – DustFrustrated and pressed for time, Garuba threatens to kill Carmen if she doesn’t reveal Sekibo’s location, but she stands her ground defiantly.
Rhodes breaks his wedding news – Dust Image : 18435
Rhodes breaks his wedding news – DustShocked and heartbroken, Zara wheels away as Rhodes drops the bombshell about his upcoming marriage to Sugar.
Wild confrontations – Dust Image : 18396
Wild confrontations – DustUmaru angrily confronts Marcus for still seeing someone else, even though he's engaged to Umaru's daughter. Meanwhile, Hajiya Malaika and Mide have a heated argument that ends with some not-so-subtle threats.
Zara calls off the marriage plans – Dust Image : 18279
Zara calls off the marriage plans – DustDue to his arrogant behavior and Zara discovering Marcus has a side chic, Zara calls a meeting to officially call off their arranged marriage, shocking Hajiya Maliaka and Umaru.
Sweet and sour news – Dust Image : 18251
Sweet and sour news – DustZara receives news about her driver's body being found hanging from the ceiling, while Mide gets good news about expecting a baby. Hajiya Malaika, wise to Mide's side relationships, warns him that taking over Dust should be a priority.
Vote of no confidence – Dust Image : 18246
Vote of no confidence – DustHajiya Malaika outsmarts Rhodes, getting him ousted from the board and fired from the company, while Zainab faces distress due to pregnancy complications.
Odumodu White wants his money – Dust Image : 18199
Odumodu White wants his money – DustOdumodu isn't buying Marcus's excuse for missing a payment. He demands his money back, and the consequences for non-payment are dire.
Rhodes faces potential conviction  – Dust Image : 18167
Rhodes faces potential conviction – DustFollowing news that Rhodes was under investigation for financial crimes and potentially facing 15 years of jail time, Hajiya Malaika decides to fire her son Rhodes to protect their family business, shocking her husband, Mide.
Wande threatens Olamide – Dust Image : 18162
Wande threatens Olamide – DustSeeking to be the number one sidepiece in Olamide's life, Wande threatens to release their sex tape to several media houses and reveal his secret to Hajiya; however, things go south!
The revelation – Dust Image : 18144
The revelation – DustUmaru discovers that Marcus Doherty was responsible for the accident that left his cherished jewel, Zara, crippled. To make amends, Otunba believes the honourable course of action is for his grandson, Rhodes, to marry Zara.
Dust premieres on Africa Magic Showcase – AM Promos Image : 18135
Dust premieres on Africa Magic Showcase – AM PromosTwo stars aligned, destined for greatness together. Yet, what the fortune teller failed to foresee is the extraordinary journey that awaits. Dust premieres on April 1st, only on Africa Magic Showcase Channel 151 at 8:00 PM.
Hajiya fights to retain her seat on the board – Dust

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