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The hurdles of Marcus Doherty – Dust

13 April 2024
From exile to heir apparent, Marcus Doherty gets a shot at redemption. But can he overcome his mistakes and build his own legacy?
The hurdles of Marcus Doherty

Marcus Doherty, once the rebellious black sheep of the Doherty family, is back. Gone are the days of recklessness and living on the edge. In his place stands a confident, determined man ready to carve his own path. But the past casts a long shadow.

Exile and redemption
A devastating accident involving Zara, the daughter of a prominent politician, forced Marcus from his family's opulent world. Now, he returns a changed man – level-headed and focused. However, the accident's repercussions continue to haunt him.

Love triangle and family secrets
Marcus's return throws his love life into turmoil. His mother pressures him to marry Zara as a form of compensation. This puts his budding romance with Zainab, with whom he hoped to build more, in a precarious position.

Claiming his legacy
Marcus isn't just focused on love. He harbours a burning ambition to establish his own business and escape the suffocating expectations of his family.  Afolabi Folarin Doherty, the family patriarch, sees Marcus as his heir apparent. But with a ruthless brother, an ambitious father, and a manipulative mother all eyeing the vast Doherty fortune, Marcus faces a treacherous climb to the top.

Debts and dreams
Financial burdens threaten to derail Marcus's entrepreneurial aspirations. Yet, he remains undeterred. Can he overcome the web of family drama, past mistakes, and financial woes to build his own legacy? Follow Marcus Doherty's journey in Dust, airing weekdays at 8 pm on Africa Magic Showcase to find out.