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Have a blast with Africa Magic this Easter weekend

15 April 2022
Africa Magic has got you covered for the Easter holidays.
EASTER on tv

Easter is upon us, which means it's going to be a long weekend. There is a lot to plan for to make the holidays as interesting as possible, which is why we decided to take a bit of the stress off your shoulders by sorting out your entertainment for the weekend!

We’ve got it all lined up for you this weekend; drama, humour, music, thrillers, and even courtroom shenanigans.

Let’s get started!

Good Friday

It's Friday! The holidays have just started and you are looking for something to work up the sweet holiday vibes; something to lighten the mood and put a smile on your face. We've got just what you need! The new season of My Flatmates airs on AM Showcase at 18:30 WAT and it's got all the humour to put you in a relaxed and happy mood.

Now that humour is sorted, how about something thrilling and pulsating? No need to go too far, it is right there on AM Showcase. Watch Venge and Dilemma at 20:00 and 20:30 WAT respectively. We promise you; it'll be all the thrill you need this holiday season.


It's Saturday, the laundry is done and you are finished cleaning the apartment. Now comes the best part where you sit back and enjoy the movies we have for you. We've got Kilobirinfe showing on Africa Magic Yoruba at 20:15 WAT and Misconception on AM Showcase at 19:00 WAT, so you are in for a treat.

Easter Sunday

Finally, Easter Sunday, the day we've all been waiting for! Not only are you celebrating a special occasion, but you also have plenty of good food and one more thing to make it more enjoyable; good movies. Check out what we've got for you. There is a screening of Sobaloju on AM Yoruba at 19:00 WAT, Yours, Mine, and Ours at 21:30 WAT on AM Showcase, and Onye Obi Nkume at 18:00 WAT on AM Igbo.

That's not all, there are talented singers eager to blow your mind on Nigerian Idol at 19:00 WAT on AM Showcase, Urban, and Family. Sunday is bound to be all shades of epic!

Easter Monday

Mondays are best when they are public holidays. Not only do you not work, but you also get to enjoy a four-day work week! Anyway, on a day like this, you get to enjoy even more shows on Africa Magic. We've got courtroom drama for you on Judging Matters showing on AM Showcase at 18:00 WAT. Be ready for some hilarious court cases.

Your entertainment is covered, which means that all you have to worry about is planning what meals you will eat to celebrate the Easter holiday.