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No lonely vibes this Valentine’s Day with Africa Magic!

14 February 2022
Nope, not this time! We've got you.
No lonely

Love is in the air, but for some reason, you can't smell it. No, it's not Covid, it's just one of those days when you and love aren't getting along. It doesn't even help that everyone around you is getting all mushy and showing off all the amazing gifts they have received from their lovers.

To top it all off, you can hear your friends giggle with childlike excitement as they conclude plans for where they will spend the most romantic evening of the year. This can be overwhelming, and for a moment, it seems like you just want to slip into that vortex of loneliness.

Not this time though. Not on our watch! There will be no loneliness today, because our love is on the way.

Your knights in shining armour

We all know how loneliness creeps up on us and sometimes holds us captive. We are making sure that's not happening to you this time. Your very own Knights, Sir AM Urban, AM Family, AM Showcase, AM Igbo, AM Yoruba, and AM Hausa are coming to your rescue (Yeah, why have one knight when you can have more coming to wrestle you from the grip of loneliness). 

We come bearing gifts

The three wise men aren't the only ones who traveled bearing gifts. Our knights too come bearing gifts to celebrate love. While other lovers probably just have gifts for today, we’ve got gifts for you all month long! There's no limit to the love we are about to give you. Get ready to be shown what real love is all about. Enjoy Call of the Void, The Love Square, Aviva, Tide, Man of her Match, and many more amazing shows on Africa Magic this February. Ain't no way you'll be lonely having all this love waiting just for you on your TV screen.

There's even more tea and drama with your favorite family show My Siblings and I. You know, it’s humor upon humor and what better way to gladden your heart and get lifted from lonely thoughts on a special day like this. Not only will your heart be filled with laughter, Date My Family Nigeria will have you believing in love once again.

So, if you are ever feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day or at any point during this season of love, don't! We are here to make every moment special. Why not slip into something comfy or sexy and get ready for the time of your life. We don't want to brag, but this Valentines season might be the best you've ever had.

Happy Valentine’s Day!