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What you missed on AM this week

07 August 2020
Missed out on this week's entertainment run? Issokay because we've got you covered.
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From the first Eviction of the BBNaija season; the mindboggling wrap of the Unbroken and Brethren stories and all the way up to the premiere of Naija’s very own version of sentimental mitigation, Love Come Back, this week has been more than just eventful. Oya, this is what you might have missed.

The heat on the BBNaija kitchen.

E no be news that this year’s BBNaija serving boarded on ice, shot through fire, swam with sharks and beat the odds in order to be platted hot and uncompromised. Since inception, the Housemates demonstrated an unmatched hunger for clout-surpassing recognition and the lines were quickly drawn (Remember the little meeting held in honour of food and its ability to devise and divide? Yup!) when people identified their friends and their foes.

As per Biggie’s new constitution, the housemates were tasked with deciding who of the bottom 4 were to be sent packing, and unfortunately for damsels, Lilo and Ka3na, it was a goodbye.

Love came back on Love Come Back

There’s nothing like having to deal with no longer being wanted by the person one wants the most and that was the case on the premiere episode of Love Come Back. Austin realized just how valuable his connection with Chinonye really was and would stop at nothing to mend the broken bond. Chinonye, on the other hand, was so taken aback by the gesture, it took a little bit of convincing and digesting for her to let bygones be bygones and allow her and Austin’s love to flourish. Needless to say, Ibrahim and the team’s magic proved its efficacy because love really did come back. Oshey!

A moment of silence for the Unbroken

Never have we ever been kept at the edge of our seats this much sha! The Journey the Gyados, the Jangfas and allies took us on was bumpier than Isolo-Ejigbo-Ikotun road.
After continuous battles with moles, illicit business deals, the emergence of long-forgotten enemies like Dabota and the death of Nanle and Tobore amongst others, the Gyado + Janga clans thought the calm had come after the storm but Papa Wande happened.

Legend says he had been robbed of the chance to make dirty money by both the abovementioned families and as revenge, planted his own children to wreak havoc and bring him his prey. Things didn’t go quite as planned though because love happened. After gassing Nafike to death despite his daughter’s begging and strapping Jesse and Tallulah to explosives, Tola and Ademide, his children made sure he was silence… forever. Redemption and new beginnings for those that remained.

The bond of the Brethren

It’s justifiable that brethren was the last to bow because the action was absolutely explosive jare. After dealing accordingly with croons like Lagos Shepherd, bringing down looter politicians and apprehending The Face, Bara was let loose and thrown to the dogs because ‘status quo’; but it wasn’t until he joined forces with his co-adoptee brother, Dag that things started shaping up…negatively so.

While Dag had his own battles with sore losers of competition, greedy loan sharks and a baby mama who fed on bowls of drama for breakfast; the two were yanked together when information of the reasons behind their mother’s death came out. Chief Kurokeme, their father and member of The Founding Fathers, an illicit group of power-hungry men that sought to control large chunks of fixed assets and funds was, in fact, to blame for Tina’s death and the brother stopped at nothing to bring hell upon the guilty. They joint-handedly brought down the cartel and finally put Tina to rest. A beautiful ending if you ask us.

If a day is like a thousand years, imagine a week sha! You don’t wanna be left out again so make sure to set your reminders and tune into AM across all bouquets. Why? Because there’s nothing like African entertainment, for Africans and by Africans, na so?!

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