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Chief shady – Brethren

20 December 2019
If Chief Kurokeme was a tree, he'd be of the sequoia kind.
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At first glance, Chief Doctor Kurokeme is an unassuming man, however, underneath his simple demeanour is a ruthlessness only matched by his ambition. He comes from a modest background and has doggedly had to fight for everything he owns.

On the surface, he runs a chain of small to medium scale businesses, but the truth is, these SMEs are all just a front for the criminal organisation which is the true source of his wealth.

Chief is a practical man, but more often than not, his ego prevents him from making pragmatic choices. He’s fiercely loyal to his family and truly loves his wife, Celestina.
Highly strategic and spotting a hawk’s skilful eye, Chief Dr is almost always a dozen steps ahead of his game.

Willing to do just about anything to have his family name shining alongside those of the elite, Chief needs to transition his criminal joints to legitimate operations, and for that reason and a dozen, it’s safe to say that he and Dag are cut from the same cloth -  They’re just loggerheads that see things differently is you ask us.  

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