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Benevolence personified – Brethren

17 January 2020
Tina is well aware of the leashes life throws and as such, is willing to risk it all for common strangers.
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Though almost completely oblivious of her husband’ rather ‘dark’ dealings with the boys from her home, Tina is as sharp as any ‘noble’ wife and mother would be. Some, however, believe that her oblivion is not as clear cut as being borne from her ‘faith in humanity, but she, in fact, chooses to believe that her husband and co-founder of the benevolent home for boys, Chief Kurokeme is incapable of the crimes pinned on him.

One would imagine how negatively different life would be had Celestina not dealt these boys better hands, I mean, Dag and Bara, her most priced gifts are in fact fruit of this roulette. Deeply troubled and worn-down by the hamster wheel that is the streets of Lagos, sweet old Bara and calculated Dag landed on Mrs Kurokeme’s lap and there was no looking back.

Besides playing shepherd to the city’s lost sheep, Tina puts out more than a handful of fires between her sons and their father. While Bara has always edged towards ‘pride and joy’ on Chief’s radar, Dag’s stubbornness sees him always being compared to his ‘counterpart’. Togglewar of the brothers if you ask us.

It isn’t clear how far Tina’s ‘goodness’ stretches, but we foresee great disappointment should she unravel her husband’s dealings with the boys. After all, bad news travels faster than village boys on courting missons. 

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