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Avenging Tina – Brethren

18 June 2020
Despite rarely seeing eye to eye, the Kurokeme brothers decide to unite against their father, the founding fathers and everyone involved in Tina's murder.
Reconsider your actions Bara – Brethren Image : 9546

While Tina consolidated all efforts to ensure harmony both in her abode and at Benevolence home for boys, her cunning husband consolidated his own to forge a stronger relationship with the founding fathers in order to go up the ‘ranks’; even if this meant placing a target on the heads of his own sons. This, unfortunately, yielded an undesirable result, Tina’s abductions and consequently, her death.

We all knew the fields were to be marked in red when Chief demanded that Bara turn a blind eye on the case that threatened to implicate the founding fathers. His refusal sparked a splinter that would have chief revealing how he’d played God and afforded Bara the opportunities he’d so naively attributed to ‘merit’. In not so many words, Chief admitted to having used his influence to land Bara into the policing academy and playing his strongest hand to have him promoted within the SPU; this while demanding that the favour be returned in the form of dropped charges. Again, Bara refused to play willing puppet and declared war against the Chief and his wicked mates.

Having failed to ‘tame’ his good son, Chief thought it best to try and appeal to Dag, the son he’s always feared possessed the same courage and would end up being his biggest rival. The response obviously echoed that of Bara’s and was of course wrapped in not so empty threats. Dag made it clear that he would rather join forces with paperweight gods than be caught making deals with the devil and his croons. Leaving nothing to guesswork, He even went as far as promising to spill as much blood as needed to avenge his mother; a response Chief expected but found very hard to digest.

With the voice of reason silenced forever and those responsible roaming the streets in heavily priced Agbadas, the Kurokeme brothers had no choice but to turn to each other and unite their efforts in order to avenge Tina’s death, and for the greater good of course. While they’ve never quite seen the horizon in the same light, Bara and Dag seem to agree that Chief’s involvement with the founding fathers is cult deep and as such, he’s willing to lose his own family just to maintain his ‘good name’ with them. More blood is to be spilt and the gods know that the brothers are willing to play sacrificial lambs. Only time a good few episodes will reveal who eventually wins this war, so keep your reminders up to date and miss no action. 

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