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Day 33: Which BBNaija Housemate is your twin?

26 August 2021
There may be a reason why you love your fave the way you do. You might be twinsies!

Ever wondered who your BBNaija twin could be? You know, the one who shares the same traits that you do? Well, wonder no more because we’ve made it super easy for you to figure out why certain Housemates remind you of yourself. We’re not sure if all of this is accurate, but it’s worth a shot, isn’t it? Let’s have a little fun with astrology below, #BBNaija fam!


If you were born between April 20 and May 20, your twins are Saskay, Maria, Nini, Sammie, Beatrice, Saga and Yousef. Like these Housemates, you are: Sensual, loyal, reliable, and stylish.

Taurus is security-loving and enjoys stability, food, and luxuries. You like things to be nice, and when they’re not you might back off or fly into a rage. The way to your heart is through your stomach. Your sign doesn’t like change unless it’s on your own terms, so being with someone who is reliable, or an effective communicator is essential for your long-term happiness. You’re well suited to managing people and projects because you’re diplomatic and loyal, but when you’re not moving full speed ahead, you can be lazy. You are hardworking and materialistic.


If you were born between March 21 and April 19, your twins are Liquorose and Yerins. Like these Housemates, you are: Assertive, passionate, and independent.

Aries is energetic and fun and has a desire to be first in anything they are involved in. As an Aries, you are naturally competitive and do really well when you know what you want and what’s to be gained from getting it. Feeling important is an essential component of your happiness in love, so if you’re not appreciated, you feel you are not in the right place. Aries is passionate, with the tendency to either fall head over heels in love or not be interested at all. Compromise is not your strongest quality, but what you lack in diplomacy, you make up for in passion.


If you were born between May 21 and June 20, your twins are Whitemoney, Queen and Emmanuel. Like these Housemates, you are: Quick-witted, curious, resourceful, and adventurous.

Gemini is always full of ideas and plans. Your sign is known for dual personalities because you want to see all angles of an idea before jumping in. Easily bored or distracted, you need a life that is engaging, with ideas that are fascinating. You are a chatterbox and enjoy communicating. You’re a problem-solver who needs to be excited about the tasks that make up your days in order to shine. In love, you’re hard to pin down. You lose interest easily. Boredom is the kiss of death in your relationships, so do your part to keep things interesting, active, and engaged.


If you were born between June 21 and July 22, your twins are Pere and Niyi. Like these Housemates, you are: Nurturing, sensitive, emotionally present, and loyal.

Cancer is kind, loving, and always willing to help those who need it. If you feel hurt by someone, you are unlikely to forget and never forget those who have helped you either. You are impatient and are guided by your feelings and don’t like unreliable people. You want to make sure that you succeed in your path, and you’re willing to work hard to make it happen. Feeling safe is important for you in relationships, and when you don’t, it’s hard to let go and have an intimate connection with someone.


If you were born between July 23 and August 22, your twin is Cross. Like this Housemate, you are: Dynamic, brave, natural leader, creative, confident and warm-hearted.

Leo’s are energetic and have a flair for the dramatic. You’re a natural leader and are fun and confident. You have a bit of an ego and are naturally suited to positions of leadership. If you get bored, you can be careless about your work. You know what you want and aren’t scared to try and make it happen. Fun and play are right up your alley, and you can be very generous to the ones you love.


If you were born between August 23 and September 22, your twins are Michael and Peace. Like these Housemates, you are: Discerning, analytic and meticulous.

Virgos are highly sensitive and rooted in the material world. They process information methodically and enjoy thinking through their feelings, because letting emotions flow can feel too chaotic for them. Virgo is excellent at getting to the core of the matter and can be a master problem-solver. They tend to overthink the romantic side of life, but enjoy being of service to their partners. They live to organise their friends and families lives with precision and are hard workers who expect a lot from those around them.


If you were born between September 23 and October 22, your twin is Jaypaul. Like this Housemate, you are: Diplomatic, creative, fair, and collaborative.

Libra is charming and concerned with fairness, beauty, and connection. Quality and aesthetics are important to Libras. Because of their people-oriented nature, Libras tend to deeply invest in the people around them. Getting romantic prospects interested in them is not hard as Libras are partner-oriented and have great people skills. Libra can be co-dependent and that inclines them to try to keep the peace, even when things should be left to unravel. They are also creative and diplomatic.


If you were born between November 22 and December 21, your twins are Tega, JMK, Kayvee and Jackie B. Like these Housemates, you are: Adventurous, philosophical, generous, and optimistic.

Sagittarians love to travel, love adventure and thrive in wide-open spaces. Trouble only comes up when they feel bored or trapped. Sag is the sign of the gambler and they are free and easy with money. They are highly motivated workers when engaged, but it’s really hard for them to focus when they are bored. Romance is one of their favourite things and having adventures with someone they care about excites them. They can be overly blunt when upset, so keeping calm when things get heated is key.


If you were born between December 22 and January 19, your twin is Princess. Like this Housemate, you are: Steadfast, wise, ambitious and goal-oriented.

Capricorns are traditional but are also independent. They are ambitious and strive to be the master of all domains. Many people think Capricorns are unemotional, but that isn’t true. They simply try to manage their emotional expression. In relationships, Capricorns are hard to get. They are slow to warm up but when they are in, they are all in. They tend to display love with their actions more than their words. Loyal and steadfast, they tend to say what they mean and mean what they say.


If you were born between January 20 and February 18, your twins are Angel and Boma. Like these Housemates, you are: Innovative, independent, humanitarian.

Aquarians are interesting and complicated people who tend to be future-minded. They struggle to remain present and can often get caught up in their own thoughts. Mental stimulation is important to their happiness. Once they believe change is necessary in relationships, they are quick to make it happen—and there’s no looking back. They don’t like to get bored and like people they find fascinating and unpredictable. When there’s too much PDA, Aquarians can get pretty uncomfortable, even though they want to be the apple of their lovers' eye.


If you were born between February 19 and March 20, your twin is Arin. Like this Housemate, you are: Intuitive, sensitive, compassionate and forgiving.

Pisces is a sensitive sign that is sympathetic to the underdog. They are visionaries who are compassionate and intuitive. They fall in love easily. Pisces are deep and feel profound adoration and devotion when in a relationship, mainly because they fall in love with their partner's potential. Pisces have endless energy for the things they care about, but get exhausted easily.

Think this is accurate? Is your fave your twin? Let us know in the Facebook comments section NOW!

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*Astrology info via: chatelaine.com

Disclaimer: This article is purely for entertainment purposes only