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Six Shine Ya Eye Twists that left us shook – BBNaija

08 October 2021
Biggie gave us a show to remember, with just the right touch of twists to shake things up this Season.

No one believed us when we said this Season would be filled with not just table-shaking moments courtesy of our Host Ebuka; but Biggie’s fresh twists as well. But because our word is bond, we delivered and then some.

The first day the show started, we were certain that this would be one ride to remember, and Big Brother made our jaws continuously drop, one twist after another.

Let’s have a recap of these moments that left us hogging the screens at home.

The Double Launch

Firstly, the Season kicked off with a Double Launch which came with surprises for the Housemates as it happened over two nights, with the guys entering the House first, followed by the ladies the next day. Upon entering, they were served with their first puzzle of the Season which was the complicated Task of identifying the two Wildcards among them.

The Wildcards

The Housemates were tasked with figuring out who the Wildcards were and if they guessed correctly, these Wildcards would be Evicted. However, if they failed to fish out the right Wildcards among them, the Wildcards would remain in the game and be left to compete for the grand prize. If these Wildcards were not Evicted on Sunday, they would be given exclusive power to Nominate! As we all know, Maria and Pere turned out to be the Wildcards – and they got the opportunity to play the game because none of their fellow Housemates could figure them out.

King-size Eviction

One or two Evictions per Sunday have become the norm, but once they go beyond that, it’s a reason to break a sweat as a Housemate – and also as the fans who consistently root for their faves. No one saw that King-sized Eviction coming along geng! We were all taken by surprise, but what else can we say? Biggie’s House, Biggie's rules! It was sad to say goodbye to four Housemates at the same time.

Ultimate Veto Power Game

This time around Biggie really felt that everyone deserved to have a taste of power besides the Head of House and Deputy. The first runner-up was awarded the power to swap Housemates who were up for Nomination, with those who had been Saved. The bigger twist came when Biggie introduced the Ultimate Veto Power Games where the winner would select the Head of House and the Deputy Head of House for the week.

Secret Tasks

  • Maria’s HoH Power: This is the Head of House Power that came with a Nomination twist. Her Task from Biggie required that she made her fellow Housemates believe that their fate was in her hands. She had to convince them that she had the absolute power to Evict the following Sunday. 
  • Saga and Liquorose’s secret Task: They were asked to start a fight with their significant other in the House and avoid speaking to them till the next Diary Session. If done well, they would be rewarded with 200 Abeg Naira and 100 BB Tokens. This was a Task that Liquorose succeeded in, but Saga dismally failed as his soft spot for Nini seemed to outweigh the need to keep up his ruse.
  • Nini’s Secret Task: Big Brother Tasked Nini to take on the prank of disappearing from the House for 24 hours starting from about midnight. Nini was guided to a secret door through the Games Room, having to wait there until the House was asleep. Nini was then led to a room where she was expected to spend 24 hours and return thereafter pretending as if she never left. While in the White Room, she had access to the happenings in the House via a TV monitor. Sadly, this didn't stop her from telling every Housemate what they were doing when she returned, but we agree with Biggie – "she doesn't always have to explain herself."

Double jeopardy and fake Evictions...

After saying goodbye to Queen, Nini and Saga, Africa and the #BBNaija Housemates were tricked into believing that this would be the biggest Eviction yet, but there was more to those details. The internet nearly broke the day this twist panned out with all Patriots and Archangels relieved by their faves' escape from Eviction, yet stressed out by the toy vehicle challenge in the White Room. The two Housemates spent the day in the secret White Room waiting for their toy disassembling game which frustrated them but landed them each a spot in the Finale.

Top six finalists

The Fake Eviction phenomenon led us into a Finale week with a difference, as we saw six Housemates entering it for the first time on the show, instead of the usual five. We saw Pere, Angel, Whitemoney, Emmanuel, Liquorose and Cross walking to the last day of the show.

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