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Live Show 7 - 29 Aug: Three Housemates say goodbye! – BBNaija

29 August 2021
Tonight's was a triple Eviction Show – Maria, JMK and Sammie were told they they had to leave the House for good.
Live Show 7 Cover

Well, there’s no point in beating about the bush – by now, everybody knows: a total of three Big Brother Housemates were Evicted, tonight, reducing the crowded House from 20 to 17. The six up for Eviction were the duplicitous duo of Pere and Maria, the unlucky in love Sammie, the two relative newcomers JMK and Queen, and Cross.

We’re sure they were all hoping that tonight would be another surprise “no Eviction” Sunday, but it quickly became clear that this was not the case. After a quick recap of some of the past week’s major events, Ebuka spoke to the Housemates and announced that the night’s first person to leave the House would be JMK.

When asked how she was feeling earlier today, JMK said, “I’m mostly numb. I don’t really feel anything. I don’t think that’s good.” When pressed by Big Brother to elaborate, she said, “right now, I’m just over it. I’ve gone through all the emotions I needed to go through.” Given those comments, perhaps JMK will take her Eviction relatively well.

During her onstage interview with Ebuka, she said that she was so excited. “For some weird reason, I feel like there is no losing in this game.” She reassured Ebuka that she was not feeling sad, which a an awesomely positive attitude to have. She said that she was a “convenient choice” for the Housemates to Nominate, as she was relatively new to the House, and she doesn’t hold any grudges.

We barely had time to say goodbye before Ebuka returned to the nervous Housemates and told them that it was time for the next Housemate to be Evicted. Once again, the Nominees were required to stand for what seemed like a long time to us and an eternity to them. Ebuka eventually put them out of their misery by announcing that Sammie was the next to go.

A few hours before the Eviction Show, Sammie described his Big Brother experience as “life changing”. He said that the thing he would miss the most were the Tasks. “Those are the moments that you come together to think with different opinions and objectives. I showed myself the most in all of that, so I would miss the Tasks the most.”

When it came time for his chat with Ebuka, Sammie looked happy enough, saying that he expected his name would come up, tonight. He said he would miss Angel the most and would like to pursue a relationship with her outside of the House. When he was shown the three Housemates who had Nominated him, he was surprised that Cross was among them. As for his immediate plans – “make more movies”.

Ebuka then took us through a recap of the week’s tasks and – of course – the Friday Pool Party before he returned to the House and confirmed their worst fears: that we weren’t done with the Evictions just yet, and the evening’s third Evicted Housemate would be none other than Maria – an announcement that had her fellow – now former – Housemates shocked.

During her Diary Session earlier today, Maria told Big Brother that she had been feeling alright until he called her name. “My heart’s beating so fast. I’m not ready to go, but if I have to go, I have to go. I just don’t know what’s waiting for me outside. I’m scared. I’m really scared.” Despite those fears, Maria still made a point of telling Big Brother, “thank you for this platform. Thank you for everything.”

"I'm surprised," she told Ebuka. "It was really overwhelming at times," she continued, "but I really didn't want to leave." When asked about her feelings for Pere, she made sure to get it on record that she likes him "as a friend". As for the immediate future, she said she was excited to be moving back to Lagos.

It’s going to take some time for the dust to settle after tonight’s triple Eviction, but the remaining Housemates don’t have much time to relax. Tomorrow, they have to contend with another round of Head of House Games and then – lest we forget – another round of Nominations. At least there should be a bit more room in the House – we’re not sure if that’s something that will help them relax, though.