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Live Show 6 - 22 Aug: Scared for nothing – BBNaija

22 August 2021
It's a show that was all about gaslighting the Housemates, we got to enjoy them stressing for no good reason.
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When tonight’s Live Show started, Big Brother Naija’s viewing audience was already in on the secret – tonight would not be an Eviction show. The Housemates didn’t know that, though, so there was plenty of tension to go around. 

During his chat with the Housemates, Ebuka addressed the current Head of House, Maria, and her Deputy, Boma. When asked how she was doing, Maria had to think about the answer. Referring to the week that was, she said the other Housemates had made her role as Head of House easy, but she admitted that the process of nominating Housemates was hard (although that was probably just for show – she knew the Nominations weren’t real).

He also managed to put Boma on the spot and get him to admit that he would have invited Angel to the Head of House room if he had his way – an admission that left Queen looking like she just smelled something bad.

Ebuka didn’t leave it there – he didn’t shy away from bringing up Whitemoney’s altercation with Pere, Emmanuel’s "situationship” with Liquorose and Saskay’s love interests – there were plenty of awkward moments whenever he spoke to the Housemates – there are going to be plenty of intense conversations in the coming days.

Despite the lack of Evictions, there was plenty to make this Live Show worth watching, not least of which was the performance by AV of his smash hit, Big Thug Boys, the sensation that has sparked countless TikTok dance videos.

We were also treated to an exclusive interview with Toke Makwina, the presenter of Showmax’ The Buzz, the show that takes you into the nitty-gritty of all things Big Brother Naija, with interviews with Evicted Housemates an in-depth analysis of the goings-on in the House.

“It’s one of those shows that leaves me blown after every episode. I’m just stunned by how many people follow Big Brother,” Toke said after being asked how The Buzz was going. “It’s such an amazing season!”

When Ebuka returned to the House, he managed to stop a few hearts for a moment. Remember, six of the Housemates thought they were up for Eviction, tonight, so they were more than prepped for the bad news. As per a normal Eviction show, they were all required to stand and Maria had to name the two that would be (fake) Evicted. At one point, even Maria was caught off guard – she started to wonder whether or not this was actually real – whether she had been played this whole time.

But no – it was always a prank. "You really thought I would pick you? You're such an idiot!" were Maria's words to her bestie, Pere. We're not sure if Yousef has fully recovered from his shock. Happily, for him, he and the rest of the Housemates were allowed to stay In the House – except that some of them now had to unpack all those bags they put in the storeroom for no reason.

Given the alternative, we’re sure they don’t mind, though.