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Live Show 11 – 26 Sep: Queen, Saga and Nini say their goodbyes

26 September 2021
Tonight, the Live Show stage closed the last Eviction of the season with a triple exit.
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With the Finale fast approaching, it is only expected many will be Evicted in order to get the required number of finalists. Keep reading to find out who survived this week’s torturing Eviction and who made it to the Top 5. But first, we’ll look at how the Live Eviction show played out tonight.

First, a twist!

Is it even Big Brother Naija if there’s no twist? Ebuka started off the show with an Eviction as he announced Pere’s exit from the Shine Ya Eye House. It was an exit from the main House but not from the show – well, with the Shine Ya House game, you never can predict what Biggie is up to.

Let’s chat with the House

Picking Liquorose as Head of House was not a surprise, but Ebuka wanted to know why Emmanuel picked Cross as the House Deputy. Emmanuel replied saying he felt Cross deserved the spot because he put in so much effort into the Ultimate Veto Power Challenge.

When asked about sleeping in the HoH room with Liquorose, Cross told Ebuka that it was an honour for him to be sharing the room with her since her man gave him an automatic spot in the Finale. He also said he showed his appreciation by always making sure the room and bathroom remained clean for her always. The rest of the House echoed a long “aww” as they thought it was a cute gesture from him and Liquorose said she thought he did all those things for her because they’re friends.

Queen’s Eviction

The first official Eviction of the night was Queen’s, making her the seventeenth Housemate to be Evicted from the game and her exit announcement was met with warm hugs from the rest of the House.

Beautifully repping her culture with her traditional outfit, she joined Ebuka on stage where she revealed that her Eviction came as a big shock to her, and she doesn’t know what happened.

When asked about her relationship with Whitemoney, she told Ebuka that he pampered her and cared for her in the House, and although she’s not sure what will happen outside the House, she’s open to anything with him. What’s next for Queen? – Governance, her charity organisation, her business and if entertainment comes her way, she’ll grab it.

 We wish the style icon the best in her future endeavours and we’re rooting for her all the way.

Nini is the eighteenth Housemate to be Evicted

Unfortunately, Nini won’t be reaching the Finale. Nini had a good run in the Shine Ya Eye game and for pulling the biggest prank of the season, we definitely loved her presence in the House. Tonight, her exit was met with a very shocked Saga who clearly didn’t take the Eviction announcement well.

She told Ebuka that she was feeling excited to reunite with her family and also get her phone back. “He was a friend that helped me cope with being away from my family, I only liked him as a friend and nothing there’s nothing more to it,” she said when asked about her relationship with Saga. If you were wondering where Saga stands beside her boyfriend, she answered the question tonight, saying there’s no comparison, because she’s in a relationship and that’s it. Ebuka went on to ask if she thought she was leading Saga on in any way and she replied that every time Saga expressed his feelings to her, she always told him about her relationship outside the House, which he didn’t want to hear, so she left it that way.

What’s next for Nini? She’ll be focusing on her fashion brand and her other businesses. We can't wait to see her soar and we wish her the very best.

Saga is the last Evicted Housemate tonight

Right after Nini’s Eviction, Saga became the nineteenth Housemate to be Evicted from the House in tonight’s Eviction show.

Speaking to Ebuka on the stage, Saga said he didn’t feel happy about not making it to the end but was happy to be out to see Nini because spending the final week in the House without her would have been boring for him. Revealing more on their relationship, he revealed that they have a very close bond, they can read each other’s minds and although he would want to explore a relationship with her outside the House, he respects her relationship with her boyfriend and for this reason, he’s open to exploring a friendship with her.

Being the Housemate with the most Strikes in the House, he said the first offence wasn’t planned and after receiving the second one, he became very careful.

What’s next for Saga? Owning a fitness app, building his own fitness gym, having an art exhibition, modelling, acting and everything the creative world has to offer. Wishing our resident fitness trainer the best in this journey.

The Finale is here! Who do you think will join Emmanuel, Cross, Liquorose and Whitemoney on the Finale table? Stay tuned to find out in the Double Jeopardy game.

Only YOU can determine the winner of the Shine Ya Eye season, so be sure to start Voting immediately the Voting lines are open tomorrow.

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