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Ebuka set to dazzle on BB Naija Season 6

22 July 2021
Back like he never left; our Host like no other, Ebuka!
BBN S6 2021 Ebuka

As Big Brother Naija returns, one charming face and amiable personality will also be making a grand return to our TV screens. His name is Ebuka Obi-Uchendu; our amazing Host like no other – and a legend in the entertainment industry.

With Ebuka and his swag back on the scene, we know a few things are certain this Season.

We’ve listed a few of them here!

The Fashion Icon goes live

One of the highlights of the Live Eviction Shows is watching Ebuka step on stage in stunning outfits. Each week, he serves fashion goals that leave us impressed. From regal native attire to flashy suits, no sartorial choice is out of bounds. In all honesty, we expect nothing less from this style icon.

Recently, Ebuka was named one of GQ magazine's most fashionable men – and we see why. We’re just glad his style will be on full display on our television screens this Season, so we can take notes. Since we know #BBNaija fans across the country like to add some of his looks to their personal collections, we may just provide you with a list of the proudly Naija fashion designers behind each of his looks. 😉 We’re nice like that, plus we don’t want your tailors coming up with replicas that make you the face of a “what I ordered versus what I got” viral moment.

Table shaking, hard-hitting questions

When it comes to giving Housemates the 3rd degree, no one does it better than Ebuka. Being a qualified lawyer makes it even easier for him to drill contestants and make them feel like they are in the witness box. During the Pepper Dem Season, Brighto felt the heat of Ebuka's line of questioning when he was asked why he said "Neo was pretending" to Kiddwaya. A visibly shaken Brighto kept stuttering “I can’t remember,” in response.

Watch Ebuka put Brighto on the spot

A word of advice to the new Housemates; better be ready to own your actions and back up your statements because the day will come when Ebuka will have you on the stand.

Mind-boggling proverbs

“You know say belt and pomo start from the same place, but na only one end inside belle.”

Say what now?

This is just one of the many proverbs Ebuka has shared on the show. At first, it throws you right off and you are left asking yourself: “What did he just say? Belt and pomo? What do they have to do with…” then it hits you! You realise he means: “Even though two things start the journey from the same spot; they will end up at different locations” – then it becomes clear in that moment that he is talking about each Housemate embarking on a journey in the House, and that they will all end up at different destinations. 🤯

Wise and mind-boggling proverbs like this are part of the reason why we are glad Ebuka is returning. So provocative – and they get the people going. Here’s hoping we hear more this Season.

There you have it! Ebuka is ready – and so are we. We know you’re excited about Ebuka’s return too. Tell us why.

The Big Brother Naija Season 6 double launch kicks off this Saturday 24 July at 19:00 WAT and ends on Sunday 25 July, 2021! For more information, please visit keep your eyes on our website, follow the Big Brother Naija social media fan pages on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook www.facebook.com/bigbrothernaija. Headline sponsor of Big Brother Naija Season 6 is Abeg and associate sponsor is Patricia.