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Day 9: The game’s afoot! Gear up, Housemates – BBNaija

02 August 2021
The Big Brother Housemates were introduced to the Wildcards, and the reactions were nothing short of shock and bafflement.
BBNaija The Games afoot

The Wildcards have played their game well by being stealthy and elusive, making it an interesting twist for this Task. Our in-House Sherlock Holmes, Peace, was off to a great start with the clue, but her excitement got the better of her, and she chased a false lead that gravely impacted the House’s hunch. Clearly, Peace and Arin’s influence over the Housemates held sway in their voting.

The Housemates congratulated the Wildcards on a great job of being indistinguishable and the night continued with the two being acknowledged for the work they put into remaining in the game. It’s back to normal for now, but – knowing Biggie – there are a few tricks up his sleeve, and this Season is officially starting with some fresh tension.

On the other hand, Beatrice’s mood swings and convenient breakdown as they prepared for the Task ran her dangerously afoul of being suspected as a Wildcard, and she spent the night apologising to the Housemates, hoping to make amends for contributing to the confusion. Liquorose and Angel took it well, and reminded her that there’s no need to make a great deal of the matter.

We are all curious to know what this means for the upcoming Evictions this week. Will the Housemates Nominate the Wildcards first, or will the strained relationship between Beatrice and her fellow Housemates decide the matter?

Well, the game’s afoot, so Shine Ya Eye for more plot twists in the coming week.

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