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Day 70: The last Jacuzzi vibe - BBNaija

02 October 2021
It's not just a vibe, it's a celebration – and this is how the final Jacuzzi Party got lit!
Abeg Party

At the final Jacuzzi Party, the Housemates took to celebrating not only their last Friday Night Party in the House, but Independence Day too. 

Like a belt and trousers combo, Emmanuel and Liquorose made sure to walk arm in arm as they headed to the party. Their coordinated look for the night was the iconic couple goals fit – and yes, it's all about showing skin, darling! Liquorose's face beamed with excitement when she walked into the garden and headed towards the Guinness refrigerator. We think it's the one thing she might miss about the party, but nothing will come close to Boomplay Music for her.

Emmanuel, Pere and Cross showed up ready to have a good time and we think they turned it up just the way we'd expect them to do for their last night. The House was all vibes as they danced the night away while sipping on their drinks. If you've seen Whitemoney at the Jacuzzi Party, you know the man knows how to work the grill. We may not know what he was making, but it sure made a good impression on Emmanuel as he had to carry some of the food to his Head of House Lounge. All in all, the party was a vibe and the Housemates partied like rockstars.

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Is there ever a party without some post-party drama...

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While Housemates were moving into House Liquorose shouted across the Games Room to Pere as she insisted that he plug her with the person that gave him that beautiful smile. Pere's response had Liquorose compose a song about how she B-Zoned him and he just doesn't cut it. While the song was catchy, we wonder if the B-Zone is the "brother zone", which happens to be far beyond the pits of the friendzone. In any case, we think the more drunk the Housemates are, the more they revel in the spiciest chats. Who knows what these two could have been, if there was no Emma-Rose ship.

1633134868 28 screenshot 2021 10 02 at 00.09.35

Well, the song didn't stop Pere from dashing off to the Games Room while singing back his response to Liquorose about coming out of this so-called zone. We wonder if his teeth are insured. 🤔 Surely we'd hate to see Emmanuel do anything post this show if he ever comes to his sober senses.😂 Whether it is just drinks or not, like us, most of you wouldn't have imagined a Pere and Liquorose ship. Nonetheless, we are glad that Biggie's House had them feeling like siblings.

We are curious to find out what cool name you would have come up with for these two?

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