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Day 70: Most memorable party and after-party moments this season – BBNaija

02 October 2021
Diamonds are forever but a good party is also a vibe that lasts a lifetime.
Big Brother Naija S6

Right from the first week in the “Shine Ya Eya” House, Friday and Saturday nights were synonymous with intense flexing and enjoyment because of the Friday Pool Parties and Saturday Night Parties. There was always intense preparation for these parties, a lot of fire during the events and enough drama to tip the Housemates on their heads after the parties ended. So we are going to be taking a trip down memory lane to check out the most memorable party and after-party moments this Season.

Memorable pool parties

Our first walk down memory lane on Fridays, starts from the first pool party. That party came on the heels of the Housemate pulling off a drama presentation within just days of knowing each other. This party also introduced us to some ships (or should we say situationships) that would be pivotal to the journey of some of the Housemates. These ships were those of Sammie and Angel, Liquorose and Emmanuel, Saga and Nini as well as Maria and Pere. 

Another pool party we will not be forgetting in a hurry is that which led to three of the Housemates experiencing Absolut😉  joy and excitement as Biggie gave them an honour they will never forget. 

While this particular party was going on, Whitemoney was the first to run into the garden, claiming his song was the current song being played over the House speakers. The Housemates celebrated with him and everyone was all smiles and happy for him. A few minutes later the same thing happened to Jaypaul and then to Michael. Their expressions were that of happiness and gratitude – and it was evident in their reactions. 

Day 48. Oh my! That pool party was all drama, more drama – and nothing but drama. Remember that time when Angel was twerking all over Yousef in a black bikini? Yeah that day.😅  We are sure Yousef was bursting with extreme pleasure (pun intended😜) that day. That party was also when we realised Whitemoney and Queen were assistants to each other. At this party, Queen and Cross were all over each other, locking lips right in front of Whitemoney who seemed to ignore the whole thing.

There were a whole lot more memories from the pool parties but these ones hit the spot. 

Memorable Saturday Night Parties

The Saturday Night Parties are another time the Housemates look forward to because they get to relieve themselves of all the stress and tension of the week, especially when Evictions are around the corner. Here are a few parties that piqued our attention.   

Our first memorable moment from a Saturday Night Party comes by way of the second week of the show. Remember what we said about Evictions? Yeah, Evictions were coming the next day, so trust that the dances were extra.

After the party, we also saw our first post-party drama of the Season thanks to Maria and Pere. The two had a back and forth over the state of their ship and some powerful words were thrown around. This moment made many believe the two had a “Hate you, but can’t live without you” relationship. That night also introduced us to a tipsy Whitemoney and Beatrice both cooking in the Kitchen and just being a general mess. 😄

Another Saturday Night Party that had the House shaking with intense drama was the third Saturday Night Party the House ever had. Who remembers it? Emotions were flying across the air like bottles in a fight and breakups were sprinkled around like confetti at a carnival.😂

There was the Queen and Boma ship which hit an iceberg that night after a big blowout. The two had a fight that night after Boma accused Queen of being too clingy. There was also the official break up of the Samgel ship. Though their moment was not as fiery as that of Queen and Boma, the two decided to call their situationship off because Angel had said she was not mentally connected to Sammie. The final ship that sank (temporarily) that night was that of Jackie B and Michael. The two had a misunderstanding due to Michael’s alleged closeness to Angel. 

Do y’all remember Michael’s famous line “Don't play with me” Yep! That was the night it was birthed.😆  We are definitely are not going to forget that night in a hurry. 

On Day 36 we saw our first major PDA from EmmaRose at the end of an amazing Saturday Night Party. That kiss evoked a lot of emotions in shippers across Naija, who had been dying for the “friends” to do special things with each other. Oh! Yousef also got a kiss that night from Angel. So it’s safe to say it was a night of kisses.

Let’s give you one more. Remember the Owambe Party? Yes, that was a memorable one. From the mini rehearsal before the party, the awesome traditional costumes – and the party props. Definitely one to remember. Who can forget the little drama presentation that happened later on. You know that one where Angel spilled the tea on Tega and Boma? Fun times.😁

There have been a lot more awesome party moments from this Season of BBNaija, but we will end here for now. Feel free to peruse our website to get all the gist about the “Shine Ya Eye” Housemates.

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