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Day 70: Missing a few things – BBNaija

02 October 2021
While they are holding on till they go home, here are a few things the Housemates miss.
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In a few hours, the Top Six will make their final exit from the House following an incredible run all Season long. For almost 71 days, Angel, Cross, Emmanuel, Liquorose, Pere and Whitemoney have been away from the things they love and the fun things they usually get up to while in the real world. As they near their final grand exit, they reflect on some of these things.


Angel misses her favourite music playlist and can’t wait to get back to her favourite tunes. Music has always provided solace to this hot girl and a great escape from nagging issues while in the House. Whenever it gets too quiet or the mood in the House takes a dip, she is always the one who calls out to Biggie to turn up the music. As she makes her way out soon, one thing she will spend time doing is putting a spin on all her favourite songs and catching up on all the latest songs time in the House has kept her from.


Cross has been away from his business ventures for so long that he misses them. In particular, he misses his restaurant. When the conversation about if they had freedom in the House came up, he jokingly asked Whitemoney if he could send him to check up on his restaurant. Perhaps this explains why he spends time in the kitchen from time to time. Whatever the case, in a few days, he will be back in his favourite establishment doing what he misses the most.


Nothing beats blasting your favourite tunes and cruising around town. There’s something therapeutic about it. Emmanuel misses this feeling, and he is quite eager to get right back to it. With his newfound celebrity status, it might be a bit difficult driving through town without waving to fans. Anyway, if you do see Emmanuel drive by, you know what to do – holla at your boy.


Before she made her way into the House, Liquorose already had the social media streets by the neck. With viral videos on Tiktok and Instagram, she was already a social media sensation. Social media was her playground and she always had a blast creating amazing content. It's not surprising that this is what she misses most. “I miss my phone and creating content with my crew”, she said. Despite being far from her phone, she never stopped creating content in the Shine Ya Eye House. As she makes her way out in a few hours, we look forward to more of that amazing content.


For those who don’t know, Pere is no stranger to the TV screen. He has featured on a few TV shows and movies and that’s why when it was his turn to say what he misses about the outside world, he said he misses being on set filming. In addition, he misses his playlist as well. We can be sure that once he gets back out there to the things he misses, it won't be long until we see him on our TV screens again.


This enterprising young man has constantly regaled us with stories of the numerous businesses he has dabbled in, and we weren’t too surprised when Whitemoney said he misses business, taking in inventory and sales. He also mentioned missing the streets and the spirit of the hustle. Whatever business venture he does decide to invest in once he leaves, he will be counting on you his fans for patronage.

In a few hours, the geng will officially make their way out and we hope they find happiness and satisfaction as they get back to all the things they love.

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