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Day 68: What Sunday’s Finale will teach us – BBNaija

30 September 2021
It’s been a long Shine Ya Eye season, but it’s all about to come to a head. Here’s what this Sunday is going to teach us about what really matters in the Big Brother House.
Day 68 Finale Lesson cover

The clock is ticking down to the Grand Finale of the Shine Ya Season, and the six remaining Housemates must be getting more and more nervous about their chances of taking home the grand prize worth N90 million. They’ve spent their last week in the House reminiscing on their time playing Africa’s biggest game, and we thought we should do the same and find out what exactly the result is likely to teach us – no matter who the final winner is.

Are underdogs more dangerous than we think?

Nobody who’s been watching Big Brother Naija’s social media pages would call Pere an “underdog”, but from the standpoint of living in the House, he’s had something of a hard time of it. He started out as a Wildcard, then he had to survive multiple, consecutive Nominations to make it to the Finale, including a Fake Eviction that had him battle it out with Angel in what was clearly a draining experience. Despite all this – he’s still there because his fans have kept him there. He’s always managed to survive the double and triple Evictions because he’s garnered more support than most of his fellow Housemates.

The question is, why? Do viewers tend to side with the underdogs, as a rule? Yousef, for example, looked very vulnerable at the beginning of the season, but survived way longer than anybody would have thought. Will future Big Brother contestants think that being an underdog is a good thing?

Does openness win you votes?

Everybody in the House has had their honest moments, but few more so than Angel. She’s been open about her sexual encounters, her romantic feelings toward other Housemates, when she’s angry, when she’s randy – you get the idea. She’s also been open about her past, which she says has been traumatic.

While being this open, Angel doesn’t seem to have been too concerned with forming alliances – she’s pretty much been upfront with all the Housemates, whether that honesty made her popular or not. Her fight with Boma, for example, got have resulted in her being Nominated, but she survived that. When she wants to be alone, she goes somewhere quiet and sits by herself: she doesn’t try to fit into a group when she doesn’t want to be in a group All of this is admirable, to be sure, but risky when your fellow Housemates are the ones who Nominate you.

Yet – she’s still in the House. Is that because the voting audience responds to that honesty in a particular way?

What, exactly, is EmmaRose all about?

Hey, hey, hey – don’t shoot the messenger!

I know – millions of people love the relationship between Emmanuel and Liquorose: it sailed early, build up some steam and hasn’t crashed. They’ve supported each other, named each other to Deputy Head of House, saved each other from Nomination – the works.

And therein lies the rub: if it were all a strategy (just pretend, don’t get upset) – it’s been working! Both owe their position in the top 6 – in no small part – to their mutual alliance, so it’s not entirely out of the question that they’re both in it for the Grand Prize.

And when I say, “both”, I mean Liquorose. (Stop shouting at your computer! I’m just trying to make a point!)

There are two main reasons I dare say this, despite it being dangerous to my health:

  1. When Emmanuel saved Liquorose from Nomination and guaranteed her a place in the Finale, she seemed surprised during her Diary Session. Why? Sure, maybe she was just being modest, but maybe – just maybe – she thought Emmanuel would try to get her Evicted because she is a strong competitor. If that’s the case, then perhaps that tells us something about where Liquorose is at – all is fair in love and war, after all.
  2. This past Tuesday, during her Diary Session, when Big Brother asked her to list her ideal Big Brother winners in order, she put herself first – obviously – and Emmanuel fourth! Fourth? Why – if she was really that into him, wouldn’t she want him to win it if she couldn’t? Fine – she did name Angel as her second pick, so maybe there are some Girl Power vibes going on here, but we don’t know that.

So – when this is all over, we’re going to need to see what those two have to say during their exit interviews.

How much does consistency matter?

The weeks in the House are filled with constant Tasks and games, and some are better at these Tasks than others. Whitemoney, for example, is generally hopeless at the Head of House Games (although we should mention that he did manage to win one). This has much to do with his generally aversion to physically exerting himself, which is even more obvious during their morning gym sessions. Always taking it casual, Whitemoney seems to saunter through the HoH Games and – when it becomes clear he’s not even close to being in the running – doesn’t seem at all fazed when he’s knocked out.

Whitemoney has fared better during the assorted Tasks, though far from the top of the pile. Much of his success has come down to his general good demeanour and sincerity when discussing certain matters (the mental health Task, for example, left him in tears), but he’s not the most successful Housemate – not by a long way.

That distinction would have to go to Liquorose, who anybody would agree has been a fearsome competitor, winning more Tasks than any other Housemate more money to go along with it. She’s been Head of House as well as Deputy Head of House, and even won this week’s Head of House Games even though it was just for fun – she competed as if it mattered, anyway. A lot of viewers are totally unsurprised that she’s made it to the Finale, with many having predicted that she would walk her way all the way to the last day in the House.

Here’s the thing, though: she – a tireless competitor – is in the same Finale as Whitemoney, who has fought nearly as hard. If Whitemoney wins on Sunday, he’s going to be taking home enough money to make Liquorose’s earnings thus far seem paltry. And the winner – whoever it is – is going to be decided by votes – not by how many Tasks anybody’s won.

And that’s the big takeaway, here – your votes matter more than anything else, in this Game. You can get Nominated every week, but you’re not going anywhere if the fans want you to stay. Big Brother has a lot of sway in the House, but even he doesn’t have nearly as much control as you do!

AngelCrossEmmanuelLiquorosePere, and Whitemoney are up to win the grand prize for BB Naija Shine Ya Eye Season this Sunday. You can  VOTE  your favourite Housemate as the winner via the Africa Magic website   HERE  and the  Africa Magic mobile site  by selecting the contestant of your choice and entering your number of votes and click  VOTE. Voting via these platforms is limited to 100 votes per user. You can also download the  MyGOtv  and  MyDStv  Apps for additional  Votes.  Votes  are free and  Votes  are allocated based on your subscription packages. The voting window closes by 9pm on Friday, October 1, 2021.