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Day 68: Pere's unexpected character arc – BBNaija

30 September 2021
Some Housemates are known to have a constant character or feature through out the show, but only a few switch up on viewers when least expected.
Big Brother Naija S6

When the “Shine Ya Eye” Season started, Pere was tagged by some as a ladies man, then he was tagged an instigator, a good friend – and now a Finalist! He no doubt has one of the best “character arcs” of the season. Let’s take a look at how this all came about.

The woman wrapper

Right before the women came into the House, Pere and Saga had come to the conclusion that they weren’t going to give unnecessary attention to any of the women who came into the House.

Well, we all know how spectacularly that plan failed. 🙃😂

Contrary to what was said with Saga, Pere eventually * did * set his sights on a lady in the House – and he kept professing his affections for her despite her constant rejections. Pere and Maria were a constant topic of conversation in the House seeing as both of them were discovered to be the Wildcards, and were also constantly seen with each other. It’s safe to say one of the earliest views people had of Pere was one of the woman wrapper or 'ladies man' who would do anything to get a girl.

The Instigator

When Pere got his title as the HoH, one of his first moves was to protest Whitemoney’s presence in the kitchen, claiming there was a “kitchen monopoly”. He also had conversations with certain people such as Maria where he spoke about Housemates he wasn’t pleased with. This and other moments of confrontation made Queen dub him an instigator, a name which some viewers also picked up on. 

Lest we forget, his time as the HoH also earned him the term “General Pere” because of his perceived villainous nature.

The good friend

Just when everyone thought Pere had decided to play the villain, he switched up and shocked many by showing a soft side many had never seen. This was also shocking because it was to another man, Saga and so it wasn’t as if he was looking to gain anything romantic.

So let’s give you a little backstory on this “soft side” issue.

You previously read how many saw Pere as an instigator and a troublesome person right? Well, even his friend Saga felt that way at some point. In one of his under the duvet moments with Nini, Saga had called Pere some derogatory names and went on to criticise some of his actions in the House. The conversation was first hinted at by Ebuka who had questioned Saga about it during one of the live Eviction shows.

After the question by Ebuka, Saga went on to meet Pere to sort things out but told a little white lie in the process.

Just when Saga thought he was in the clear, he and Nini got a Strike for microphone infringement. 

As is customary with Biggie, a clip of the crime was shared for all the Housemates to see. Apparently the crime was committed when he and Nini were trash-talking Pere under the duvet. So the true content of Saga and Nini’s conversation was revealed to Pere.

When this happened, many thought “General Pere” was going to resurface but something else happened. 

A week after the revelation of the true content of Saga and Nini’s conversation, Nini was given a secret Task that got Saga distraught and sad. Who was there to see him through it? You guessed right, it was Pere. He helped him search for Nini right from the first day of the Secret Task, dozed off on a chair in front of the Diary Room in solidarity, sat beside him in the rain when he cried, and immediately called his attention when Nini came back.

This act of piety by Pere surprised many who expected him to be mean towards Saga. It also established him as a compassionate Housemate. 

The Finalist

When it was time for the votes to roll in, it was clear Pere had amassed for himself a huge number of fans. As he had a higher percentage than four of the six HMs nominated alongside him. However, he had to overcome the Double Jeopardy game to make it into the House as a Top 6 Finalist. After a tense competition, he made it back into the House.

What a time he has had. Moving from ladies man, to villain, to best friend and the Top 6 Finalist is an amazing character arc. This also makes him one of the most unpredictable Housemates on the show.

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