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Day 68: Most Memorable Sayings – BBNaija

30 September 2021
The Housemates not only brought their unique vibes but also their lingo.
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These sayings may have not been originally coined by them, but our BBNaija Housemates repeated them so often, they took immediate ownership during their time on the show. Basically, once you hear the line, you already know who said it! With that said, here are a few of the lines that caught our ear this season that we are sure we will hear long after the seaso has been put to bed.

Let's get right into it.

Who deeyyyyy!
If you’ve ever attended a Saturday Night Party and partied till the end, or witnessed the crowning of a new Head of House, you’d have heard Whitemoney yell “Who deyyyyyy?????,” to which the rest of the House responds “BREATHE.” Whitemoney made it a tradition to thank the DJ at the end of every Party for a great performance, with this particular chant. He would also use the line to acknowledge an amazing feat performed by another Housemate. This line was originally made popular by music superstar, Davido. 

Real hot girl ish, period!
When it comes to Tasks, Angel constantly puts in work and when it’s time to brag about her wins, she brags different. You will definitely hear her chant her favourite line, “real hot girl ish, period!” To be honest, we stan this hot girl and every other hot Shine Ya Eye girl. They deserve their flowers. They are exactly the hot girls they think they are.

Brief, we have a brief, guys!
It's not really about the line, but how it's delivered. The bass and loudness with which Whitemoney yells out this line is what makes it resonate. It all started when he became Head of House. Usually, most HoH will just shout ‘Brief’ and call on the other Housemates to gather ‘round, but not Whitemoney. He was fond of yelling “We have a Brief, guys” at the top of his voice the moment he left the Diary Room. It soon became a thing after his reign ended. No one could do it like Whitemoney, so whenever that chant was heard, it had to be him.

Stop playing with me, man
This was Michael’s favourite line in the House. Depending on the situation, it could either mean that what you told him was shocking and unexplainable, and he needed further confirmation, or in other cases, it could mean...well the same thing, but he was upset this time. When he and Jackie B had their lover's tiff, we saw him use this line often. 

Acting boyfriend/girlfriend
This became a thing when Ebuka asked Queen who Whitemoney was to her. After listing out all the qualities that endeared her to Whitemoney, she finally hit the nail on the head in terms of their relationship by calling him an acting boyfriend. He was fulfilling all… well almost all the roles of one, so she promptly decided to call him one, but in an acting capacity. As luck would have it, both of them moved into the Head of House bedroom where they truly lived like an acting couple.

Between Saga and Angel, this was their go-to word during Tasks. Every now and then, the Task got so hard and at that moment, Housemates needed words of motivation to keep them going and this was where ‘encourage’ came in. While the recipient of the word might not have succeeded at the Task, it was still nice to hear fellow Housemates yell out "encourage".
Of course, we can't forget Biggie's iconic “As you were” and “Go on”. Even the geng mimicked this often in their conversations with each other. On this note, we have only one thing to say, BB Naija Fam. As you were.

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