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Day 64: Reflections on the Top 9 Housemates – BBNaija

26 September 2021
This is how far the remaining Housemates have come in their #BBNaija journey.

The Top 9 of the #BBNaija House made promises when they entered the House. Some kept these promises, but others transformed during their stay in the House. We have decided to reflect on each one's journey in the Show. 


Angel gave us lots of enjoyment, encouragement and all of the emotions which she chose to never hide. From being a talented writer to her kitchen involvement, most of you have grown fond of her, referring to her as “baby Angel”. She has been a whole vibe at the Friday and Saturday parties, making sure that we stayed entertained by her dance moves. Whether it was Sammie or Yousef she was twerking on, she has maintained her cruise mode making sure her time in the House is lived to the fullest. We are also fascinated by her somewhat blossoming friendship with Cross who she rants to and shares naps. She promised to bring us that “baddie” energy and she didn’t disappoint!

Angel being baby Angel:


From the serious to the downright hilarious, Cross has given us all the interesting moments we could imagine in the House. If he wasn’t threatening Biggie for an Executive Lounge experience, he was asking for junk food because it’s good for his health. Well, he’s been a man on a mission and he knows what he wants. Although he’s been the Minister of fun in the House, his games have landed the House in trouble at times with Biggie, but his persistence in finding alternative ways to entertain Housemates has kept us entertained.

Cross being hilarious: 


Emmanuel got into the House with the intention to observe and strike. Mr Africa as he is passionately known, has maintained a curious silence in the House, that has made him an interesting person. Even Tega called him "The Observer" because he seemed to observe his fellow Housemates a lot until he became used to them. He is the other half of the EmmaRose Ship and has fans supporting his involvement in Liquorose's life. The two enjoyed an exclusive dinner which was heated until Cross and Angel joined him. There has been speculation that he may have an eye on Angel, but he seems to have his focus sharpened on Liquorose for now. He has enjoyed HoH privileges as well as the Ultimate Veto Power which he used to his Ships advantage. Here he is now with a guaranteed pass to Finale week.

When Emmanuel got his nickname: 


Liquorose has all her stans flooding the comment section for many reasons. The girl loves to dance and perform and we have known this since the first day she entered the House. She came to make and leave her mark. She has been winning Tasks and making it clear that her entry into the #BBNaija House is something she has sought after. Biggie even commended her for her first performance where she resembled a veteran actress. Her determination has led her to occupy the Head of House space three times. She started off a bit shaky and nervous in her first reign, picked up as Deputy alongside Emmanuel and then grabbed it by the horns in the last week that she has been leading the pack. She executed her Secret Task swiftly and won herself a romantic date with Emma, as she passionately calls him. We have also seen her being helpful with doing other Housemates’ hair when she is not busy with hers.

Emmanuel is into Liquorose: 


If Supa Komando and Pepsi had a baby we think she’d match Nini’s energy any day. Nini is the exhilarating sugar rush in human form. Throughout her stay with the Shine Ya Eye geng she’s proven to be a highly spirited Housemate. Well, we know why Saga can’t get enough of her. She has successfully managed to have him wrapped around her finger throughout the Season and thoroughly enjoyed the Secret Task she pulled off which left Saga in literal tears. The Housemate who called Whitemoney "Daddy" and has a distinct loud voice in the House has kept us listening out for the next crazy thing she says. 

Watch Queen and Angels representation of Saga and Nini:


Pere came into this House with a mission. His mission was to establish his ground in the show and for us to learn how to put some respek on his name! He has done it all, from being a Wildcard, Heading the House and even holding Veto Power more than once! He led the House through what we all referred to as the “Pere Regime” granting him the title “General Pere”. This HoH reign has been the talk of the town, with fans counting it as one of the most memorable moments of the Season. Pere started off with an alpha male energy which beamed through the first weeks of the show exposing his imaginary peacock feathers around Maria during their back and forth situationship, as well as an altercation with Whitemoney. Once she left the House, we saw a different and much calmer side to him especially when he comforted Saga who was played heavily during Nini’s disappearing Secret Task.

Watch this gist about Pere:


Queen came into the #BBNaija House to claim her royal position and she seems to have understood the assignment. The Housemate who joined the House in Week Four of the show did not come to leave anything to waste. She is competitive, compassionate but she will not let disrespect go unaddressed. We saw this in her brief fights with Maria, Pere, Boma, and even Whitemoney! She stands her ground but we have watched her grow to walk away from trouble after receiving some wise council from Whitemoney, who reminded her to keep her head in the game. We are also not sure to this day where their Ship stands, but there’s something going on there. Let’s not forget her dance moves! Every day, we were sure to see Queen shaking the previous day off during the morning work out, House clean-up sessions and kitchen duty. She never missed a beat every time Biggie had the speakers on loud.

Queen loves to twerk! Watch:


We’ve heard the expression “life is what happens when you’re not looking”. However, when it comes to falling in love or catching feelings in this instance, Saga dropped his guard and we are still happy for him. While he had no intentions to fall in love, we think he’s one of the few that can say he’s found love in the Biggie’s House. He found love, lost it for 24 hours and it returned when Nini made her reappearance. Saga has kept the House fit though and we can't deny that he is the reason why it's going to be easy for some of the geng to maintain their summer bodies. 

Happy Saga after Nini's return:


Strategy or not – the kitchen has been a safe haven for Whitemoney. He has always found a way to bring the Housemates together with a meal. His energy has constantly reverberated with us. While other Housemates have had us questioning his cooking skills, we know that his efforts came from a place of love. Throughout his stay in the BBNaija House, he’s served as a peacemaker, chef, Nini’s Daddy and the advice-giver to the shippers. However, you’ve come to know Whitemoney, you can’t help but love the way his creativity gives us those iconic impromptu performances.

Watch Whitemoney talking strategy:

There we have it! The Top 9 Shine Ya Eye Housemates and a few things we have learned and picked up from them in their long journey in the Big Brother Naija House. Take it all in because, from today onwards, things will never be the same.

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