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Day 63 - A look back on HoH reigns – BBNaija

25 September 2021
The Head of House is as considered Biggie's representative in the House but have they all lived up to the Task?
Big Brother Naija S6

The Head of House (HoH) title is an important position in the #BBNaija House due to the functions they carry out which helps give the House a form of sanity. Think of them as Biggie’s Head Prefects who help in maintaining order in the House. The duties of the HoH this season range from reading Biggie’s briefs, assisting Biggie in Tasks, to assigning duties for House chores.

This season, we have seen a couple of strong personalities handle this position and we would like to take a walk through their time as HoH.

Peace: She emerged the first HoH during the first week of the Season. Assisted by Yousef as DHoH, she quickly made it a priority for the House not to fall into disarray. Her strength was tested when she had to pull together all the Housemates to make sure a Task Biggie gave them was carried out. Despite all the trials she faced, she managed to push the Housemates to execute a successful Task Presentation.

Boma: He had a no-nonsense approach to business and the Housemates were quick to get with the program. The self-acclaimed Okra king was always quick to let his fellow Housemates know about his acting stints in the US and how his time abroad has shaped his mindset. Speaking about mindset, he also always made it clear that some of his fellow Housemates were not on his level outside the House, so he will therefore not stomach any disrespect from them.

Pere: Nicknamed by viewers as "The General, Pere’s reign was filled with a lot of spicy drama. One of the first was Queen and Maria’s fight over him. Although this was not tied to his reign as HoH, it did make for some good ole drama and gossip. Then there was ‘the meeting’. You know that one? Where he called the Housemates in the middle of the night to caution them against disrespecting him in any way.

Another popular highlight of Pere’s reign was the ‘kitchen monopoly’ issue with Whitemoney. A couple of viewers were of the opinion that Pere saw Whitemoney as a threat and wanted to take him off a perceived spotlight. Although Whitemoney’s stay off kitchen duty didn’t last long, Pere’s move was a pivotal moment in the BBNaija Season 6 House.

Maria: Right after Pere’s time as the HoH, his DHoH, became the new HoH. Maria’s time as HoH was smooth as all the Housemates listened to her and carried out their assigned Tasks appropriately. What was the main highlight of Maria’s reign? Of course! It was the secret assignment Biggie gave her.

If you don’t remember the Task, here’s a quick recap. Biggie had told Maria there would be no Eviction for the week, but she had to make her fellow Housemates believe there would be and that she was going to pick those who would be put up for possible Eviction. Just like her time as a Wildcard, Maria carried out her Task flawlessly and definitely left her fellow Housemates surprised when they found out the truth. Maria was also the first HoH of the season not to spend her reign in the HoH Room after being punished for violating one of Biggie’s rules. 

Liquorose: Liquorose’e reign was a bit emotional at first as she complained her fellow Housemates were not paying attention to her and making things a bit difficult. She was however able to rein everyone back in when she gave her famous ‘respect’ speech; a speech close in similarity to that of Pere. Like Maria, Liquorose also did not spend her time as the HoH in the HoH Room because she was barred from it.

The Double Heads of House: 

Biggie switched things up and gave us not, one but two Heads of House. None was an assistant to the other. It was two people with equal power, leading the House. Jackie B and Jaypaul were the lucky Housemates who got this privilege. Their reign would be specifically remembered for its attention to showing acts of kindness. A day into their reign as Heads of House, they came up with the “Acts of Kindness” day where Housemates were peered up throughout the day for personal ‘Diary Sessions’ and showing random acts of kindness to their partners.

Emmanuel: Emmanuel’s reign as HoH was quite peaceful and without any drama from his end. The House however did get a pet fish surprise when he was the HoH and this brought a lot of vibe in the House. Some of the Housemates were excited, some were scared and others were downright clueless on what to do. It was nice however to see the Housemates scurry around to make sure their fishes get well taken care of.

Whitemoney: The chef extraordinaire, Whitemoney was opportuned to get his own time as the HoH and his time was smooth. His time in the HoH room with Queen was also filled with a lot of cool vibes, a few twerks from Queen and advice about Queen's Closeness to Cross. Whitemoney was also known for his boisterous manner of announcing the arrival of Task briefs. Oh! It was also within his reign that the House had the famous mimic game and when Nini alongside Saga got a Strike each for microphone infringement.

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