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Day 62: A surprise feast for the Housemates – BBNaija

24 September 2021
After a stressful week, Biggie surprised the Housemates with a delicious buffet.

On a beautiful, rainy Friday mid-morning, the #BBNainja Housemates received a delicious surprise treat from Big Brother. As a matter of fact, if we say “treat” we are downplaying it. Biggie threw a feast for the Housemates and it blew them away! It was a nice gesture from Biggie for the stressful week the Housemates have had including the Nini disappearance saga.

They sat on the laid out table like one big family, chewing away at the tantalising components that made up their buffet-style gift. Plantains, beans, corn, pork, rice, juice, pepper soup, ice cream, spaghetti and sauce were among some of the delicacies that made up the buffet.

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They were wondering what they have done to deserve this gift and one speculation from Queen was that it was a reward for Nini’s prank. The excitement in the Garden was so contagious, it made one want to grab a plate, dish up and eat too. Their buffet was made more romantic by the rainstorm. Whitemoney who has been mostly cooking for the geng, looked at the ensemble before them as if he was star struck.

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They dished up. “I’m so emotional, food makes me emotional sometimes,” said Saga. It turns out that Nini’s disappearance is not the only thing capable of turning his smile upside down. “Thank you Big Brother! I hope God blesses you and your Big family-o! Big father, Big sister, Big uncles, Big aunties!” Saga continued, followed by his fellow Housemates humorously counting Biggie’s supposed family members.

The food had the geng singing in celebration on the table and we learned a few new things about their eating habits. We now know that Pere loves pork. Nini had three plantains and she was full! Judging from her plate, she had dished up with her eyes and not her stomach. She was heard requesting to Big brother that she keeps her food for later. She shouted out her love to Big Brother and his grand gesture, which she called a blessing. Liquorose accidentally ate pork, which she turned out to be allergic to. She had to quickly spit it out, clean her mouth to avoid getting any reaction before retreating into the House after Big Brother called her to the Diary Room.  

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Cross was quiet throughout the meal carefully making sure he enjoyed every bit of this moment. One of his main issues in the House has been the quality of the meals and the lack of “nice” food such as burgers and pizza, which are supposedly good for his health. He was very happy and full of gratitude.  

Nini was very bouncy and later revealed that juice made her hyperactive. In prompt response, Saga handed her a bottle of water with hopes of neutralising her energy levels. Once the music started playing, there was no stopping her! Cross and Pere started bidding money at her as if they were in a gentlemen’s club. While this happened, Saga remained focused on his plate. Nini was later joined by Queen and Saga who were done eating.

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It was a party, geng! Based on the highlight of this morning, food makes people happy but also tired and sleepy when they have too much in one go. In the end, the rain was gone and the sun was shining brightly. They had a toast to one another and to Big Brother, where Pere invited everyone to the United States of America. “No cap,” he said promising that it would happen. You guys have made this competition the best competition I have ever been in in my life,” said Cross. "Africa to the World! Big ups to all the Housemates that have left!” shouted Pere, then proceeding to list the names of those Housemates. They can’t wait to be reunited with them. “Big up DStv, Mnet, Abeg, Patricia!” he continued. The thanksgiving kept pouring out for the five-star treatment they received.

They were relieved to see a happy and healthy Liquorose returning looking cleaned up and well. After this, it was nap time for them, especially for SaNi chatting away under the bedcover and Angel who had been longing for one.

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