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Day 61: Housemates go on wild goose chase – BBNaija

23 September 2021
Another day, another incredulous search for Nini.
Big Brother Naija S6

Now, we are all acquainted with the secret Prank Nini was assigned to carry out right? You have all seen the myriads of posts about it. We all thought that was where it was going to end. You know, Nini just stays away and then comes back after 24 hours. All smooth stuff right? 

You couldn’t be more wrong!😥

Biggie had other plans that tipped the Housemates over the edge and kept us howling at the edge of our seats. 

This evening Biggie gave an info to the HoH that set the Housemates on another journey of trying to figure out what happened to Nini.  

The awkward announcement

After they had completed their sponsor Task for the day.The HoH was summoned into the Diary Room and came out with the announcement that the House had 20 minutes to search for Nini in every nook and cranny of the House and if she wasn’t found within the stipulated time, her belongings should be packed up and placed in the store room.

This announcement did get the Housemates confused because as we all know only Housemates who are about to face possible eviction or have left the House for other reasons are the ones who get to have their belongings placed in the storage room.

Regardless of their confusion, they soon got down to searching for Nini. Now this part we tell you was the most hilarious moment of the evening in the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ House. The Housemates ran around the House screaming Nini’s name all through.

The ridiculous search

You need to see where your faves were searching. OMG!😂

These people went into the garden and started searching under the beds and the chair😭. Cross at some point claimed he could hear some noise coming from under the Jacuzzi.😨 We kid you not. He literally tried to lift the blocks around the Jacuzzi believing Nini was underneath the area.

Pere was double checking beds and other areas in the House. Queen and Liquorose were in the Games area checking out all the corners there. Oh! Biggie also graciously opened the Executive Lounge for them to check.😥

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Where was Saga in all these? The poor guy wandered aimlessly with his fellow Housemates searching for Nini.

Speaking about Nini, she did see all the action go down via the TV in the White Room and at some point was speaking to the TV telling her colleagues to come search upstairs. The whole scenario reminded us of those cartoons where a lost Princess had to be saved by a Prince and his army. Only this time, the Prince was Saga and his colleagues served as his army.😂

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Freshly minted conspiracy

After failing to find Nini, the Housemates gave up and started to pack her belongings to the Store Room. While all this was going on, Pere kept pushing the notion that it was a prank and another Housemate was in on it. This clearly pissed off Cross who said if it was so, then Pere was the number one suspect seeing how he easily played his part as a Wildcard.

Another conspiracy that rented the air was the fact that Nini was a fake Housemate and her time in the House was up. This notion was moved by Whitemoney in a discussion with Pere, Queen, Liquorose, Cross and Angel.

The 'Fake Housemate' theory


A whole lot of conspiracy flying about. How will these all end? We can’t wait to find out.


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