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Day 61: Biggie, his pranks and the pranksters – BBNaija

23 September 2021
If there's a prank to be played, he's in and he has got willing accomplices.
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If there’s anyone who orchestrates and loves a well-planned prank, it’s Biggie. Every Season, he makes out time to create mischief in the House along with willing Housemates who act as accomplices. This Shine Ya Eye Season has had its fair share of pranks. As a matter of fact, the prank started the very first day of the Season when the male Housemates conceived the idea to pull a fast one on the female Housemates yet to arrive.

The mute prank

This Shine Ya House Season saw the guys arriving before the ladies and to spice things up, the guys decided to play a prank on the ladies. Biggie loves a good prank and at no point did he get in the way of the guys as they executed their mischievous plan. This he was going to enjoy while perfecting the bigger pranks he had in store. For this prank, the guys decided to sit in silence and wear their briefs on their heads. As soon as a new lady walked in, they told her to hush and sit in silence with them as allegedly instructed by Biggie. They kept up with the prank until the last lady walked into the House. Even Ebuka was shocked by their level of commitment. The final act in the prank was to have one of the male Housemates pass out and while they were trying to revive him, they’d reveal their prank. They did get to this stage, but not all the ladies bought it. One lady, in particular, said she saw right through the guys – Her name is Maria. She went on to hatch one of Biggie’s most profound pranks on the Show.

The fake Eviction

After successfully hiding her Wildcard status and securing her spot in the House, Maria was given the Task of convincing the Housemates that she had been given the power to select the Housemates that were to be Evicted that week. Upon entering the lounge, she burst into tears, leaving the Housemates speechless before telling them the Task she had to accomplish. So believable was she that the Housemates put up their best behaviour just to make sure they didn’t make it into her black book. The prank did get revealed but was her Nomination for Eviction the following week the ultimate price she had to pay for that prank?

Lovers asunder

For this prank, two Housemates had to fake a fight with their partners and stop communicating with them for a while. Only one Housemate succeeded at this prank. Liquorose was able to initiate a fight with Emmanuel that left him downcast the entire duration. He cut a sad picture and for a moment, fans really wanted the prank to be over. Liquorose stuck to her guns and the reward was worth it.

It was way better than the punishment of cleaning the entire garden the other couple got. Lucky for this couple, one of them had a chance at redemption, but it came as a prank.

The missing Housemate

After Saga failed his prank Task, Nini was asked to play a prank on the House by disappearing from the house for 24 hours starting from about midnight. Nini was led to a secret door by the Games lounge, and from there she made her way to the White House where she stayed for 24 hours leaving the Housemates puzzled over her whereabouts.

There is no denying that Biggie is a big lover of pranks, and nothing can come between him and a chance at stirring up a little mischief in the House. Not only does he find humour in this, but he is also big on rewarding too. From Abeg Nairas to tokens and lavish dates, Biggie has always generously rewarded his accomplices. It's no wonder there are always willing hands to assist Biggie in carrying out his mischievous tasks. Besides, who doesn’t love a little prank? You know you do too. Hold on to your hats, Biggie might call on you to help him out with one soon.

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