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Day 59: Brotherly love, or real love? – BBNaija

21 September 2021
One of the most wanted Ships in the #BBNaija House is giving us chest pains.

Queen and Whitemoney have an interesting friendship going on. It’s funny because, as platonic as the relationship looks, Queen is evidently attached to Whitemoney and vice versa. They give off this brotherly love which quickly turns into “acting boyfriend and acting girlfriend” antics.

They seem to have this understanding and desired transparency between them. In the early hours of the morning, Queen was in Angel's bed telling her about how she no longer trusts Whitemoney because he keeps lying about the people he has kissed in the house. She then went to him in the garden to address this issue and Whitemoney told her that before she “goes to black, she should come to white first”.

He felt that she should have gone to talk to him first if she had a problem with him instead of going to Angel. He then revealed more secrets to her and said, "I kissed JMK. How do you feel? I didn't want to spoil your game." For some reason, after that conversation, they seemed happy again.

In the Kitchen this morning, Whitemoney was telling Queen that he wasn’t on kitchen duty this week and the kitchen was supposed to remain as white and clean as it was this morning. Shortly after, we saw Whitemoney still in the kitchen, helping Queen with peeling some potatoes. He spent the whole morning in the kitchen and it’s starting to look Saga-like. No one can seem to keep Whitemoney out of the Kitchen. We did, after all, witness the Pere regime drastically failing to do so.

Whitemoney and Queen have developed a sweet relationship that takes us back to Queen vs Okro days when Whiteminey sat her down and gave her some hard truths and counsel. He reminded her that she was in the game and she had to play it but not through getting involved in fights.

Still in the kitchen, Queen told Whitemoney about a dream she had last night. In this dream, she had a daughter called Montana. Whitemoney was humorously convinced that he was the father to Montana, insisting she was dreaming about their family together.

Watch the video below to see the moment.

Queen and Whitemoney have given us a rollercoaster of experiences as we watched their relationship from when it blossomed, randomly wilted and got replanted. They can’t stay angry at each other for a long time. We are interested to see what this week will look like for this “sort-of Ship”.

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