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Day 58: Nini clarifies the video revelation – BBNaija

20 September 2021
Nini provides more context to her conversation with Saga underneath the sheet.
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The last hasn’t been heard of the Saga and Nini video revelation where they discussed Pere. While unwinding in the garden, Nini and Saga discussed in depth what transpired between them to Emmanuel and Liquorose. Nini in particular spent time explaining their actions and why they got the short end of the stick.

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She explained that Pere had said some unsavoury things about Maria to Saga and that was what they were talking about. In her explanation, she said the conversation they had in that video was her speaking out for her friend. She was quite upset with some of the things Pere claimed he did with Maria. She believed whatever they did, it must have been done based on trust and it made no sense that Pere was going about revealing to the rest of the House what they possibly did in secret. The only instance where she laughed was because of the amusing things Saga said later. It took Liquorose a moment to process the revelation saying she wasn't aware that those were the things Pere said.

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The video revelation has since strained Saga's relationship with Pere. When asked by Ebuka why they weren’t talking as much, Pere blamed it on the revelation but stated that he was already over it and wasn’t concerned anymore. Saga, while discussing with Emmanuel and Liquorose said he had immediately gone to meet Pere to discuss the video conversation the first time Ebuka mentioned it, but at this point, he had no intention of making up with anyone. He suggested that everyone kept the same energy and made reference to the fact that they only had two weeks left in the House anyway.

Watch the conversation here

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