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Day 57: Week 8 in the BBNaija House – BBNaija

19 September 2021
Here's all that went down the previous week in the BBNaija House.
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This week in the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ House has been a week filled with a lot of drama, fun and ridiculous moments. The week started with the Live Evictions which saw Jaypaul and Jackie B leave the House.

The first major Highlight however, was on Monday during the Nomination Diary Session which saw Nini, Saskay, Emmanuel, Angel, and Yousef up for eviction. After the nominations, the Head of House games took place—Whitemoney emerged the winner while Nini got the Veto Power. She was then asked to do a ‘save and replace’ which she gladly did.😒 She saved herself and replaced herself with Cross.

On Tuesday, The Housemates had a Diary Session with Biggie where they spoke about their pet fish and the reasons behind their nomination. Two sessions in particular stood out and that was the Diary Sessions of Liquorose and Saga. After they had answered all of Biggie’s questions he told them he had a special assignment for them. The assignment was for them to have a fight and avoid their partners/closest friends in the House till the next Diary Sessions. That means Liquorrose was to pick a fight with Emmanuel and avoid speaking to him, while Saga would do the same with Nini. Both of them agreed to the assignment and soon started avoiding their partners.

Wednesday morning started with a little Drama between Nini and Saga. The scuffle had happened because Saga was pissed that Nini was cleaning the bathroom while he wanted to use it. He was of the opinion that she could have waited for the Housemates to all shower before she cleaned. Whatever the case was, he did not pass his information clearly because they both cursed each other out so badly. Both of them even spoke about it to Biggie in the next Diary Session they would have. Fortunately the two were able to put on their big boy shoes and harsh out the situation. 

The next day in Biggie’s House was a gloriously funny day, filled with a lot of laughs, drama and Strikes. The day started like any other with the Housemates doing their usual workout session. After the sessions, they were met with a rude surprise in the garden. The garden was a complete mess with a brief that instructed the Housemates to stay away from the garden, except for Nini and Saga who were to clean the mess up. The reason however was not revealed to the Housemates. 

That was not all for Thursday. infact right after Saga and Nini’s punishment was revealed, the Housemates got a brief that instructed them to play a mimic game. Basically each Housemate was to pick a fellow Housemate’s name from a box and go on to mimic them as well as dress as them for the rest of the day. It was quite a hilarious moment as the Housemates switched characters and dresses to carry out the assignment. Notable characters that stood out were Angel and Queen who played Nini and Saga. Pere and Saga also stood out for their drag as they picked the names of Angel and Queen respectively.

Oh that’s still not all for Thursday.😊 

In the evening Biggie then called the Housemates to gather in the lounge and played clips of Liquorose and Saga in their Diary Room Session on Tuesday accepting to carry out the prank on their partners. Clips were also shown of Saga failing the assignment as he quickly revealed the prank to her the day before when she showed the first signs of anger towards him. Liquorose was however rewarded with 250 Abeg Naira and 100 BB Tokens. Her partner Emmanuel got the same reward for going through an emotional time trying to understand why Liquorose suddenly grew cold to him. Finally they were both rewarded with a dinner for two in the Executive Lounge.

Wait, that;s still not all for Thursday.✋

After Biggie was done with the rewards for the Task, another set of clips were shown. This time it was Saga and Nini under the duvet whispering, this would explain the punishment they served in the morning. Also because Biggie can be spicy with things he made sure the conversation between the two was heard. What was that conversation you ask? It was Nini and Saga dragging Pere by his edges. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. They were finally given a strike for microphone infringement. 

What a Thursday right?😅 It took 3 long paragraphs of this already long post. Stick with us guys there still more gist.✌

Okay so moving to Friday, The Housemates had little discussion here and there with Angel at a point relaying all the fights she has had in the House to Yousef. Also she had her first solo win that night in the Abeg Friday Task. She won for the female category while Saga won the male category. That night they had a very hot Jacuzzi party where Whitemoney kept advising Queen not to do anything while she was inebriated.

Saturday In the BBNaija House was a bit calm. There was the Crypto Games by Patricia and a lot of light banter in the House. One of the highlights of these was their discussion about who they could bring back into the House if they could. The day ended with the Housemates attending the regulae Saturday Night Party.

Whew! What a week. Well we are not complaining because we are up and ready for more hot and spicy drama.


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