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Day 57: Escaping the 'family-zone' – BBNaija

19 September 2021
We all know about friend-zone but how do you deal with being placed in the family zone?

Friendzone is the place that most of us never dream to be in. It’s that spot between a hard place and a rock that cannot be shaken off at times but some have successfully slid out of this zone but not many have this type of luck lingering for them.💔

In the #BBNaija House, we have observed a few cases of friend-zoning but we have even reached another spectrum of friendzone which is called “Family zone”. It’s easy to think that this zone is a permanent state of being but trust us, one who is in the family zone can suddenly find themselves on the other side, in the "relationship zone" – that’s if they have met certain standards which would have been set out by their muse.

Last weekend during the Live Eviction Show, we found out that Jackie B had firmly placed Whitemoney in this family zone because of the “daddy vibes” that he gives off and she just didn’t feel the same way for him as he did for her. Is it that his hands-on involvement in the kitchen has played him in his pursuit of a potential lover in the House or, Jackie B probably missed out on a really good “thing” with Whitemoney.

Imagine – breakfast in bed, free musicals in the House and all the wise words that come with the Whitemoney package? Who wouldn’t want that, ladies? It appears some women are not impressed by domesticated men because it simply lands them and their hospitality in the family zone. 😅

With Jackie B’s exit, we say Whitemoney getting closer to Queen because of their leadership in the House. “Mazi”, as he is passionately known in the #BBNaija House, was referred to by Queen during the Live Eviction Show as her “potential or possible boyfriend”. This led to us raising our hopes of Whitemoney escaping the family-zone status in the House. Let’s not forget to mention that Nini already refers to him as “Daddy”. There’s another case of family-zone, where he likes it or not!

Even though all these other ladies have placed Whitemoney in the family category, he is slipping out slowly as we see more frequent intimate moments shared between him and his deputy head of House. He can’t ignore that dancing and what looked like kissing in the garden after the Saturday Night Party! They might be taking their "acting boyfriend and girlfriend" business to the next level. 👀

#BBNaija fam, let’s read your comments on our Facebook page. We want to know if you have ever been friend-zoned or family-zoned? If you have, did you eventually come out of that zone and how did you do it?

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Day 57 - BBNaija

#BBNaija fam, have you ever been family-zoned?

Yes, and it still hurts40%
Never me!60%

Whitemoney might need some notes if he is still in pursuit of Jackie B after he leaves the #BBNaija House.😂

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