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Day 56: A fishy death scare – BBNaija

18 September 2021
The Housemates are getting paranoid about the health of their pet fish and it's quite hilarious.
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Ever since Biggie provided the Housemates with pet fishes, they have nurtured, fed and grown a close bond to them. Some even have regular conversations with their fish making them some sort of an ‘emotional support’ pet.

So it does get a little gloomy when any of them loses their fish. The first Housemate to meet this unfortunate incident was Cross who lost his fish Targeryan to the cold hands of the fish ‘grim reaper’💀. Queen also had the unfortunate event of losing Green and this got a lot of the Housemates alert. Ever since the loss of these pets, the Housemates have been wary of their fishes, trying to make sure they take care of them as best as they can. Nobody wan hear tory😂.

Last night Saskay and Liquorose got a very huge scare when their fishes displayed signs that they considered symptoms of ill health. They both complained about their fishes not moving as they ought to and felt it was a sign of death was coming.

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They also noted that the water in the fish pot had a funny smell. A smell they say Cross’ fish pot had when his fish died. Noting this, Cross and Nini suggested that they change the water in their fish pot as that may be the cause for the fish’s supposed ill-health. They were however skeptical about this because they wanted to follow the guide which came with the fishes. According to the guide, the water in the fish pot was to be changed weekly so if anything happens to the fish after following all the protocols they won’t be blamed. 

While all this was going on, Angel and the other Housemates checked on their fishes to make sure all was well😆. So what’s your take guys? Do you think any of the fishes will stay alive till the last day of the show?

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