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Day 55: The rewards roll right in! – BBNaija

17 September 2021
After all this time in the House, the Big Brother Housemates have had the opportunity to compete in a wide range of Tasks, winning themselves a tidy sum of money in the process.
Day 55 Rewards cover

Since we last wrote about the subject, the Big Brother Housemates have participated in a number of Tasks that have allowed them to earn themselves a bit of spending money. Obviously, the N90 million is the real goal, but only one Housemate is ever going to get that lucky. For everyone else, the Tasks are a neat way to score themselves a bunch of cash for when they return to the outside world.

The Housemates have stuck to the plan of making as much money as they can, as fast as they can.  Bet9ja came to the party with a sum of one million going to Saga, Tega, Yousef, Sammie and Saskay. For those of you having a long day, that’s N200 000 each. Revolution Plus joined the fray with a massive purse – N1.1 million going to the team of Pere and Liquorose, while Whitemoney, Cross and Jaypaul took home a combined N1.4 million.

Unilever divided its money between various teams for a number of Tasks: “Best Pickup Line” went to Michael and Saga, each winning N100 000, “Best Dressed” went to Whitemoney and Queen, along with N100 000. Pere and Angel each took home N200 000 for having the best photos, and “Best Story Concept” won N200 000 for each of the team made up by Liquorose, Jaypaul and Saga.

Boomplay threw N500 000 at Jackie B as the “playlist winner”, Team Highlife – Whitemoney, Boma, Tega, Liquorose, Jaypaul and Queen, shared in the big winnings of N1.5 million.

Boy, oh boy, did Pepsi come to the party! Michael, in first position for the Task, took home N3.5 million, and an all-expenses paid trip to One Africa Music Festival in Dubai (Dubai?) as well as a year’s supply of Pepsi. Liquorose scored the same trip as Michael, along with N1.5 million, and Pere won N1 million (and, yes, a trip to Dubai).

BuyPower lived up to their name and threw half a million Naira at Jaypaul, Saskay, Angel and Saga, and covered three months of their utility bills. Whitemoney, Nini, Pere, Saga and Queen each took home N200 000 and grocery vouchers valued at N50 000. Liquorose and Cross each took home another N100 000 from Bet9ja Integration, while Tecno threw N500 000 at Jackie B, Jaypaul and Emmanuel.

Piggy Vest came in with the pinata challenge which won Queen a quarter of a million in a vacation fund, as well as numerous Housemates Flex Naira wallets stocked with funds, and thousands of “Piggy Points”. In the “Balance the Scale” challenge, Saskay walked away with N1.5 million, Liquorose with N750 000 and Yousef and Angel took home half a million. When 03 Capital came to the party, Liquorose, Cross, Jaypaul and Yousef each took home a tidy sum of N500 000.

Okay, fine – these are just a bunch of numbers that don’t particularly mean anything when they’re simply listed like this. So – because we care – we’ve done the hard work of adding it all up for you:

The Housemates' earnings so far.


N5 311 730
Saskay N5 005 865
Michael N4 600 000
Cross N3 716 666
Jaypaul N3 339 197
Yousef N2 372 531
Emmanuel N2 317 595
Pere N2 216 666
Saga N2 104 587
Angel N2 098 722
Whitemoney N2 065 388
Nini N1 366 666
Jackie B N1 100 000
Tega N1 092 857
Queen N950 000
Peace N916 666
Sammie N878 396
JMK N811 730
Princess N500 000
Arin N442 857
Boma N350 000
Maria N300 000
Kayvee N250 000
Niyi N205 865
Beatrice N142 857
Yerins N142 857

That's some nice work if you can get it! At this rate, anyone who makes it to the end of the game is going to be going home with a bulging wallet.  Watchi this space.

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