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Day 55: Strategies and tragedies – BBNaija

17 September 2021
The times, they are a-changing… and the Housemates need to change with them.
emerging dynamics

In changing times, Housemates have shown that they are quick to adapt, and the extra spice from Biggie’s Secret Tasks have had an interesting ripple effect on the House dynamics.

At the beginning of the season, Pere and Maria each worked at being discreet as Wildcards. However, upon realising the power they had, the two paired up and gave us some interesting play – nothing short of wahala and spiciness. Now that Pere is alone, he has been significantly withdrawn from the House activities, limiting his interactions with other Housemates. It seems like Maria’s Eviction has played a significant part in leaving Pere feeling exposed – but is being toned down part of his new strategy? Hmm, we can’t wait for Ebuka to shake this table sometime soon. We need answers, too.

The competition is getting stiff

Most of us have heard the expression, “real recognizes real” and – to some extent – we believe Liquorose and Cross might be the epitome of that. These two Housemates seem to acknowledge each other as strong contenders for the whopping grand prize. However, what started as random save and replace by Liquorose during the Head of House reign now seems more strategic than what meets the eye. Since then, the series of Nominations have had these to neck and neck as they try to put each other up on the Nominations list. Although they do not visibly show how strained their relationship is to one another, we are picking up on the trend, and it seems the competition is becoming fiercer, and these two are onto each other.

Weakest link and things just not cliquing

Ships and " target="_blank">cliques have faced some drastic lows as the numbers dwindle down in the House due to the Evictions. The Housemates have had to form new relationships with people they have barely interacted with – however, more friction is likely to come up as they adjust to these new circles. Like clockwork, Housemates seem to have a thing for targeting shippers – testing the waters to see which one in the ship is the weakest link. Well, whenever the ships are broken, the remaining Housemate is often isolated – left vulnerable and exposed to possible Nomination and Eviction; maybe this explains why Whitemoney has not made anything official in the House.

Money matters and sticky fingers

Whew, from the rich and wealthy Yousef, the broque and broke Housemates, we’ve seen all the dynamics of how money moves around in this House. Well, Yousef seems to know how to make the Abeg Naira work in his favour. To get his way around the House and remain in good books with some Housemates, he turns to his fat wallet. The broque Housemates seem more concerned about saving and turning to their pockets for luxury items while the broke are battening down the hatches and insisting on spending less on their contributions.

Considering the number of times either money or food has gone missing in the House is – in part –proof that food and money matters are likely to continue causing tensions. Although we cannot place the dynamics between the well-off Housemates and those that are broke, we know the divide is getting real, and we wonder how this will turn out.

In any case, the Housemates seem to have geared up as the game changes – we hope something positive or interesting will come out of this.

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