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Day 55: Saga backstabs Pere – BBNaija

17 September 2021
Whilst Pere thinks Saga has his back in the Shine ya Eye geng, yesterday revealed some hot gossip set to shake their friendship.
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During the announcement for Saga and Nini’s Strike, Biggie showed a video clip of the two whispering in bed. While inaudible for most parts, from what Saga spoke of he clearly was gossiping about Pere’s being shady and untrustworthy.

Pere was surprised by this revelation prompting him to turn at the pair to point at himself. Although he didn’t address the issue his demeanour took a drastic shift that was visible to give off some tension.

In the face of changing and emerging dynamics, Pere’s strategy to survive in the Shine Ya Eye jungle has somewhat shifted drastically since Maria got Evicted from the BBNaija House. He seems more exposed and vulnerable and significantly withdrawn from the game – could this be his new strategy? In his words, he has pointed out that he feels taken advantage of and we believe his relationship with Saga is no different.

Given the gravity of Saga’s gossip with Nini, we believe Pere and Saga may have some surfacing tensions that are likely to shake their friendship. Although they haven’t addressed the matter and knowing how Pere handles confrontations, we can’t help but wonder how they will recover from this.

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