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Day 55: EmmaRose dinner date – BBNaija

17 September 2021
As a reward for a well-played prank, Liquorose got to go on a date with Emmanuel.
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It was a magical sight as our resident heartthrobs went on a romantic date last night to celebrate their love and ease off some stress from a really draining prank task. Quite frankly, The Task Liqourose was handed by Biggie really put a strain on her relationship with Emmanuel, so what better way to fix things than by having a five-star date.

Earlier this week, Biggie had asked Liquorose to pick a fight with Emmanuel and stay away from him until the next Diary Room session. Although she succeeded in accomplishing the Task, both parties were emotionally drained. In keeping with his promise, Biggie presented them with Abeg Naira and BB Tokens when the Task was complete. Additionally, a dinner date was arranged for the couple.

Date Time
Dressed fabulously, the two Housemates made their way to the Executive lounge where they enjoyed a romantic ambience and mouthwatering dishes. The floor was covered with rose petals, and it was everything an ideal first date should be.

Catching up
Liquorose obliged Emmanuel's curiosity by telling him more about how she pulled off the prank. They talked about the fight and also their relationship. What they wanted from each other and if what they had gone beyond just ‘liking’ each other.

It gets sizzling
Obviously, the days apart had made their hearts grow fonder and their lips seemed to miss each other. They spent a generous amount of time locked in a warm embrace kissing each other passionately. Just when you thought they were done kissing, they were right back at it again.  

They didn’t stop there, there was more. It involved ice cream, Liquorose’s thigh and Emmanuel’s tongue. What a date!

The other couple
Halfway through the date, Liquorose was asked to invite a Housemate and a date to join them in the Executive Lounge and she chose Cross. He decided to take Angel along with him as his date and off they went. They were captivated by the romantic ambience but more importantly, by the meals made available. Right away, they got started on the meal, making sure that they had a blast the whole time.

Back to kissing
Oh yea, you thought that was over? No. Our dates got right back to it again and soon after, Cross and Angel joined in. The two soon got lost in each other as they kissed passionately. It's hard to tell if they didn’t want to feel left out or they actually had feelings for each other, but whichever the case might be, it was certainly a beautiful sight.

Watch the date here

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