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Day 54: Judgement time for Liquorose and Saga – BBNaija

16 September 2021
Judgement has been delivered on the Secret Task given to Liquorose and Saga to fight with their Shine Ya Eye partners and ignore them for 48 hours.
Big Brother Naija S6

At Tuesday's Diary Sessions, Biggie gave Liquorose and Saga a Secret Task that could secure them the bag 💰, specifically 200 Abeg Naira and 100 BB Tokens.

When Biggie gives you a Task, you must do your best to execute it. This is one lesson that some of the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Housemates still have not learned, by some we mean Saga 👀. 

Biggie instructed Liquorose and Saga to start a fight with their 'special' friends Emmanuel and Nini respectively and avoid speaking with them until the next Diary Sessions. Both Liquorose and Saga agreed to carry out the Secret Task but unfortunately for our friend Saga, Nini holds his mumu button and Nini is more important than the bag 💰.

Liquorose had been consistent with carrying out the Task but Saga failed woefully. Just after one day of avoiding Nini, he couldn’t help being far from her and spilt all that Biggie had told him to do in the Diary Sessions 😩.

Now if there is one rule that stands in the House, it is that everything that happens in the Diary Room stays in the Diary Room. Saga however failed to carry out this Task.

Early this morning, Saga started facing the repercussions of his actions when he and Nini received a rude shock after their early morning workout. Their fellow Housemates woke them up from a light slumber to a messy garden with a note which read that he and Nini were to clean the garden until it was clean. 

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This evening Biggie called the Housemates into the Lounge and played a video of Saga and Liquorose accepting the Task. He also showed both of them carrying out the Task and how Saga succumbed to his longing for Nini and revealed the details to Nini before the appointed time. 

Liquorose on her part was seen to have carried out the prank almost flawlessly if not for one moment where she almost faltered. When was this you ask? Well during one of the 'eight times' Emmanuel spoke to Liquorose, he gave her a kiss on her forehead and this babe just went dead silent and rested her head on his chest.💀 Omo! That is how she wanted to cast Biggie but she managed to put herself back together and continued with ignoring him.

This love matter no easy 😄. In Biggie's clips, we also get to see Emmanuel as he struggled to understand Liquorose's sudden change in attitude.

Emmanuel seemed like a lovesick puppy who was lost without Liquorose. Thank God Biggie came to save the day. We can only imagine what would have happened to him if Biggie had extended the duration of the prank.

We are getting side-tracked, back to the judgement.

Biggie stressed Saga's lack of respect for the Diary Room space asking him why he revealed the details of the Task without regard. For his lack of focus, Saga gained no reward. Liquorose on the other hand won 250 Abeg Naira and 200 BB Tokens. That's not all. Emmanuel was also rewarded with 250 Abeg Naira and 200 BB Tokens.

Biggie advised them to use the prank to test certain aspects of their relationship. To help with this, Biggie rewarded them with an exclusive Dinner for two in the Executive Lounge for two hours. Food and drinks were going to be provided and what did the ship of the moment have to do? Dress up and show up. The dinner will take place after their sponsor Task. 

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