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Day 50: Week 7 in Biggie’s House – BBNaija

12 September 2021
E choke! Week seven had the most interesting plot twists and surprises – we are here for all it, from the blossoming love interests to the wahala.

To kick things off, Housemates started this week with an interesting take on the Head of House Games with a fascinating plot twist. Biggie added a new element to the HoH Challenge by creating the separation of the Head of House and the Veto Power. The Housemates fiercely contested for this highly coveted title, Emmanuel won the Head of House title and picked Liquorose as his Deputy. The Emmarose ship got to enjoy the luxuries of the HOH Lounge and an Executive Lounge experience. Pere won the Veto power and saved himself from the list of Nominated Housemates – talk about being lucky. 

The pleasant surprises 

Throughout the week Biggie whipped out his A-game to keep Housemates on their toes with some of the most unexpected surprises. Each Housemate received a goldfish pet that they named and are expected to nurture. As a way of bonding with their pets Housemates have taken to having impromptu Diary Sessions with their fish. Well, while they are catching on to fish linguistics their goldfish pets have given their tell-all in a Diary Session of their own. Big Brother went as far as granting a couple of requests from the Housemates from Jaypaul receiving a bouquet of flowers for Saskay to Jackie B getting her Gallery Wall with Michael’s picture and former Shine Ya Eye Housemates. Well, we hope Cross’s threat/plea to get an Executive Lounge experience will be considered soon or if luck would have it, we hope he gets it when he needs it the most.

Whew, the ships! 

What an interesting, week in the love lives here shippers. We witnessed the ups and downs of the Jaypaul and Saskay ship – from professing his love to her to an almost break up to their reconciliation and finally their passionate kiss. Whew, it’s been a whirlwind of emotions but they are not the only ones who shared some brief shipping wahala. Whitemoney and Queen experienced some tension over the way Whitemoney overshared some sensitive information about Queen to other Housemates. The boys do love to kiss and tell after all. Cross, on the other, is finding his feet with his new person of interest – Angel. The two have been getting cosier lately and they aren’t wasting time by taking things slow. Cruise or not we are excited to see them enjoying each other’s company. 

Tasks and rewards 

It’s been a busy week for the House, as Housemates took on various Tasks from Buypower, GrandEx, Tecno Mobil, Piggyvest to O3 Capital these Tasks were both demanding in creativity and mutually rewarding for their pockets. The Housemates are smiling all the way to the bank and if you’re wondering how rich they are here's the lowdown on all their accumulations so far. There's more to come;

As we wait for the Sunday Live Eviction Show, we can’t help but wonder which tables will be shaken and which ones will be shattered. Let’s admit it when Ebuka does the crossover to the House, you should always expect the unexpected.  


That said, stay close to your screens because tonight is about to get interesting.

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