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Day 5: The Housemates receive their first Abeg Naira – BBNaija

29 July 2021
It's the money rain in the BBNaija House as the Housemates receive their first Abeg Naira.
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The Shine Ya Eye Geng smiled to the bank today as they each received their first Abeg Naira as a welcome gift from Big Brother. The value of what they each receive is still a mystery as they can only open their sealed envelopes tomorrow.

Picking an envelope

The Housemates were asked to pick a stool from the 23 stools placed in front of them. On each stool was a sealed envelope containing different values of Abeg Naira. What this means is that some Housemates will end up richer than others.

This exercise almost started off chaotic despite Biggie’s warning that it be done in an organised manner, or they will end up being barred from picking and forfeit their Abeg Naira for the week. Fortunately, calm was immediately restored as Head of House, Peace insisted on doing it in an orderly fashion. Turn by turn, she asked each Housemate to go stand in front of the stool with the envelope of their choosing. Their envelopes will remain sealed until they are told otherwise. They do have complete freedom to swap or exchange envelopes with one another at any time before the big reveal tomorrow night. They’ve also been asked to guard and protect the seal on their envelopes. Any accidental opening or exposure of the contents of the envelopes will result in a stern punishment.

The bonus Envelope

The 23rd stool contained a special envelope with a substantial amount. With this envelope came a simple task for the House. They must all decide and gift the 23rd envelope to one deserving Housemate. The decision on whom the envelope is given cannot be made by the Head of House or Deputy. It is the responsibility of all the Housemates. They have been given until tomorrow night to make the decision and they are free to devise and use any means to determine the most deserving Housemate to receive the envelope. The envelope must always remain sealed as well and safe until tomorrow. If it gets missing the whole House will be in trouble.

Let's vote

The Housemates were soon engaged in a heated argument on how to award the bonus. While some insisted on a game of skill to give who was most deserving, others suggested a game of chance because that will ensure fairness. In the end, they settled for a vote and a game of chance was the outcome.

With this money, the Housemates now have spending power. In the meantime, Biggie has decided to be generous and allow them to have services they’d pay for free of charge till Sunday morning.

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